About Us

Who are we and what do we do?

Here at Stock Must Go, we provide an outlet for ex demonstration, customer returned, excess and refurbished electronic stock from online and high street retailers. Giving our customers some of the best and most up to date technology cheaper than most of the big UK retailers. We have taken our unique access route to affordable electronic stock to eBay, Amazon and the world of e-Commerce. This offers us a sales platform so that all our customers can benefit from a great deal, and service throughout.

We are made up of a small close knit, dedicated team of young technology enthusiasts who work relentlessly to list all of our items manually, with the item in front of us, providing buyers with an honest and accurate listing. This helps to ensure that our customer has all the relevant information before committing to purchase.

At Stock Must Go, we also benefit from building strong relationships with other successful companies in our field, and so we are able to source stock for our customers requiring something in particular. This also enables us to deal directly with other business’, whether you are looking for a batch of items, or just the one.

We know it is crucial that we communicate directly with our customers ourselves; any issues are resolved quickly by simply taking the time to answer emails and phone calls so nothing gets lost in translation. This constant interaction with our customers has taught us a great deal, not only about dealing with issues that occur, but also how to prevent them from happening in the first place.  We also strive to offer the best none biased advice on purchasing Computer hardware and are extremely knowledgeable in our field.