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All of the Devices Revealed in the Samsung Unpacked 2022 Event

All of the Devices Revealed in the Samsung Unpacked 2022 Event

With the new Samsung Unpacked Event 2022 now over, there are many new devices that are on their way. And they are coming soon. With a greater focus on environmental objectives, Samsung looks to be making great strides this year. With all devices being made from ocean plastics and packaging being made from completely recycled paper.

So, you be asking the question of “what was revealed in the Samsung Unpacked Event?” As most of us expected, we got our first look at the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series devices along with the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. So, let’s jump into it.

Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+

Kicking off the event came the reveal of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus. Both similar in design to last year's S21 range. With three vertical camera lenses being placed on the top left of the controller.

The camera was the real focus of this part of the event. With a series of huge changes and additions revealed that make for a truly exciting experience, with motion and brightness being a targeted area of improvement. And they really have added some incredible features. Super HDR is one of the new additions mentioned, giving the camera a higher and smoother quality. Making up to 4x motion data possible.

And all of this is boosted even further by nightography features. Including AI Stereo Depth Map, a new addition that allows for a level of lighting and image quality that is simply unmatched. Making your images crystal clear, even when in the dimmest of lights.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 colours include the following: black, white, green and pink gold. This is the same for the 22+. When does the Samsung Galaxy S22 release? February 25th is the answer. Pre-orders are also available now for those who cannot wait to get their hands on this device.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The main focus of the Samsung Unpacked event was the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. And it is an absolute powerhouse from what we have seen so far.
Combining powerful technology with brand-new features, the S22 Ultra features a 6.8-inch Dynamic Amoled display that utilises new vision booster software. The vision booster allows for a peak brightness of 1750 nits, but what is most impressive is its ability to analyse the screen brightness and adjust the tone mapping to give the best visual experience.

But a lot of you may be wondering, what is the Samsung Galaxy’s S22 Ultra camera like? Now integrated into the design of the phone and featuring new anti-reflective and super clear technology, the camera has never been better. Of course, you can still expect quality, thanks to the S22 Ultra’s 108MP lens, 12MP ultra-wide lens and more that are just sweet. It is also worth quickly mentioning the adaptive pixels. This feature merges the frames of a photo to create a high-quality picture every time.

Just like with the S22 and S22+ cameras, the S22 ultra makes great strides when it comes to motion and brightness. Featuring new OIS and VDIS components. OIS moves the camera lens in the opposite direction while moving. Keeping the camera constantly stable. And VDIS software compensates for movement and increase image quality. All of the features you would find in the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ are all available in the S22 Ultra.

With all of these outstanding features, you just know that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s battery life is going to have to be extremely efficient. And that is all completely taken care of. Heat transfer within the S22 ultra is 3.5x more effective than any previous device. All thanks to a new thermal interface material along with a graphite sheet with double bonded stainless steel.

Just like the S22 and S22 Plus, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s release date is the 25th of February, with pre-orders available from the 9th. In terms of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s colours, you can get black, white, green or burgundy.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, S8+ and Tab S8 Ultra

The next device in the Samsung Galaxy Tab line has also been revealed. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 collection is the first to feature an ultra edition. All three devices can come with a maximum of 1TB of storage and 16GB of RAM. Simply amazing. And when you take the new Snapdragon 8 4nm processor into account, you just know that you are getting a truly immense tablet experience.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra was shown off quite a bit, and it is easy to see why. With such high specs, you know that it will be good. Featuring a 14.6-inch super amoled display that can reach a maximum of 120Hz when it comes to refresh rate. And all of this is packed into the thinnest Samsung tablet yet. With its 6.3mm bezel size, you will see how thin this tablet is. Making it easier to carry and use. Other features that are included are:

  • A three-way microphone
  • Dual Camera
  • S-Pen compatibility
Similarly, to the S22 series, pre-orders are available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 now on the Samsung website. With the initial Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 release date being the 25th of February.
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