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Great Hidden Features for IOS

Great Hidden Features for IOS

IOS 14 is one of the most impressive systems that Apple have made for their iPhones. Packing some impressive features that are enjoyable and useful for anyone with access to them. We have taken a look at some of the best hidden features within IOS 14 that you can use to improve your iPhone experience.

Stop new app Downloads from Being Added to the Home Screen

The app library feature recently added to iPhones grants you access to all of your apps in one easy to access location. Because of this, you now have the option to decide whether you want any apps you download to go straight to your home screen, or to the app library. To do this, simply go into the home screen option within the settings, and choose between add to home screen or app library only. Selecting app library only will prevent any newly downloaded app from being added to your iPhone’s home screen.

Hide Home Pages

Also, thanks to the app library, your apps are all held in one space. Meaning that the need for multiple home pages holding apps is unnecessary. And so, you can now hide these extra pages you no longer need or want. And it is extremely simple to do, simply hold on the home screen and press the three dots that appear. Then you can select which pages you want hidden.

Enhanced Zoom

IOS 14 allows you take the highest quality photos on your phone, at even greater zooms. You can zoom even further than before, and at even greater quality than before. All you have to do is pinch into your camera, and it will zoom straight in.

Mirror Front Camera

Expanding upon the options for your iPhone’s front camera, the ability to mirror your front images so that they appear flipped. By going into the camera section in settings, you can select “mirror front camera” and change it to on or off. This will make your front camera always take flipped images.

Easily Add Photo Captions

Although you have always been able to add captions to your photos, it is much easier to do with IOS 14. Before you would have to install and use the macOS photos app in order to add captions, but now all you have to do is swipe up on a photo and add a caption. It is as simple as that.

Sound Recognition

To help people who struggle with healing, sound recognition features were added into the IOS 14. When sound recognition is turned on, your iPhone will listen out for any specific noises. The noises it listens out for are also changeable and listed within the sounds section in sound recognition. To turn on sound recognition, simply go to the sound recognition section within settings and switch it on. Once one of the noises has been picked up by your iPhone, you will receive a notification informing you of the noise.

Eye Contact

A feature that was tested in the IOS 13 beta, and now fully fitted in IOS 14. Within FaceTime in settings, the eye contact option is located. This changes your FaceTime call to make it seem as though you are making eye contact with another person, when you are actually just looking at your display.

Picture in Picture Mode

In compatible video/entertainment apps, you can press on the picture in picture icon, double tap the screen on swipe up on the video to activate the picture in picture mode. This will turn the video into a small window on your screen, allowing you to message your friends or family or go onto different apps while also watching your video. You can easily exit this mode by pressing on the window to reopen it, or press the picture in picture icon once again.

Back Tap

Back tap is a feature that will pull up and perform multiple features when you double or triple tap the back of your iPhone. This feature can do many things like bring up Siri, access control centre, lock and home screen and more. You can change what the back tap does by going into accessibility in settings, then go into touch and then into back tap. It is as simple as that.

Private Address

Private address is a feature that keeps people’s iPhones hidden when accessing a Wi-Fi connection. It stops networks from tracking your phone as you go from one connection to another. This feature is automatically enabled when you get your iPhone, but can be disabled if you want it to be. To get to the private address feature, simply go to Wi-Fi in your settings and press on the information button (the “i”).

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