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Hitman 3 – A Great Start to 2021

Hitman 3 – A Great Start to 2021

Hitman 3 is the epic conclusion to the Hitman trilogy. Building upon the systems and stories set up in the previous two entries. The world of assassination has never felt greater in Hitman 3, offering an extraordinary top-tier and replayable experience. There is a good reason why this game has received high praise over the last few days, with great story telling, a multitude of fun approaches and much more. There is so much to praise and we are going to go over it.
Hitman 3 has a massive variety of different weapons, tools, distractions and disguises available for you to use in order to eliminate your target. Everything you find can be used in order to achieve success, from using bananas to knock out enemies or killing your enemies with a variety of lethal sidearms and different weapons. The tools are an important to this game, being able to use them to distract enemies or unlock secret areas or approaches. You can use coins to distract and move your enemy away from a position, or use your camera to unlock hatches or vents to access different areas. Distractions are key to this game, being able to stop your enemies from noticing you. You can set off a fire alarm to cause people to move away from their position, or throw a bottle to create noise and drive your enemy somewhere else. Upon knocking out or killing an enemy, you can take their disguise in order to access areas where previously, you wouldn’t be able to enter without suspicion or being caught. This way you can take on enemies within levels with a vast variety of different methods.

On the topic of levels, Hitman 3 has some of the best level designs I have ever experienced. Being absolutely stunning and full of different details for you to experience. Thanks to the extraordinary amount of detail included within the levels, you can make progress or learn more information in order to help you get to that final target. From small conversations between people in the area, or observing different locations, the amount of detail available to be witnessed is brilliant, and truly helps you progress. The designs are also so good thanks to the phenomenal visuals and areas within them. You will be able to truly feel the energy of the levels you are in, thanks to different layouts, views and more. No matter what platform you are on; you will be able to experience these beautiful levels with.

Hitman 3 is truly worth its value, and this is mainly thanks to the involvement of all Hitman 1 and 2 levels, weapons and tools. These features and levels have all been improved and reworked to match the level of Hitman 3. Meaning that their levels will have better graphics, functionality and more. Thanks to this, you can use whatever weapon or tool you want, on any level you want to play, offering some great replay ability. However, in order to access all the levels and weapons within them, you must have completed all of the levels in the previous games.

One of the main praises has to go to the approaches you can take in order to complete a level. Thanks to the presence of a giant variety of weapons, tools, disguises, distractions and also locations, methods and much more, there is never one single way to complete a level. You can approach a level in any way that you want to, having access to a huge number of different opportunities. You can go guns blazing into a level, or go absolute silent and infiltrate your enemy. The stealth option for this game, is definitely one of the best stealth experiences you can have. Thanks to the wide range of items at your disposal, stealth is extremely enjoyable. Being able to stealthily get to your target through different methods, disguises and more. The stealth within this game also plays a large part into the story.

The story to Hitman 3 is strong, offering an entertaining experience within the world of assassination. The overall story fits the game very well, including a number of memorable moments for you to experience. Great praise has to go to the Thornbridge Manor level, offering an enjoyable and extremely interesting number of different stories that you can go through. In Hitman 3, there are multiple story-based approaches that allow you to get close to the target, without them even realising. And for the most part, these approaches are very interesting and fun to go down. Though, you do not have to follow them if you do not want to. Discovering these stories and approaches are all done through simple exploration. As you explore more and more of a level, the more approaches that reveal themselves to you, allowing for a unique experience almost every time you play.

Of course, the campaign is not the only game mode you can play within Hitman 3. Obviously, as stated before, you can play all of the updated levels from the previous games. These do offer a lot of entertainment, whether you have played them or not. A few of the extra game modes challenge you to complete more difficult versions of the levels available. Making enemies more aware, restricting opportunities you have available and being more difficult to get around. But, some of the more entertaining game modes do not involve the story. The main two are sniper assassin and ghost mode. Sniper assassin requires you to take out all of your targets from a long distance away, there is no exploration in this mode as you stay stationary. You must take out the targets without anyone being alerted. Ghost mode is an online multiplayer mode where you go head-to-head with another hitman. You must take them out, before they take you out.

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