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Get 20% Off Your Order With Code "MEGA20"
Get 20% Off Your Order With Code "MEGA20"
iPad Air – Perfect for Home Schooling

iPad Air – Perfect for Home Schooling

Now in stock, and perfect for home schoolers, our collection of first-generation Apple iPad Airs. The iPad Air is an incredibly useful device for anyone that uses it. Being able to complete numerous tasks including: taking notes, joining calls, accessing email or important sites and much more. This device is all around brilliant and made for anyone, but it is especially good for home learners due to lockdown and schools being shut.

Our iPad Airs are refurbished to the highest possible standard. This is so that you can get a very high-quality iPad, for a lower cost than getting a brand-new one. But to make sure you are aware of the quality of the device you are buying; we grade our products based upon an extensive procedure. This is so that you know how good the device is, and how well it works.

The iPad Air is powered by an Apple A7 Processor, which makes it very fast and great for any task which it takes on. This makes it perfect for anyone who uses it, being able to browse websites, complete tasks and much more with ease.

Applications available on the iPad Air are perfect and easy to access, no matter that you are looking for. With built in apps like Safari, Siri, Notes and other Apple made apps. But there are loads of apps for you to install and experience. For example, home schoolers can install the apps they need to complete their work. Including any team software (like Microsoft Teams or Zoom), email providers and document software, like Word. The functionality of these apps is greatly enhanced by the performance and quality of the iPad Air.

Speaking of the quality, the iPad Air has a stunning 2048 x 1536 screen resolution. This gives it aa beautiful quality that provides an astonishing visual experience that is great for anyone who uses this iPad. For home schoolers, this quality provides great use for video calls, online lessons and just relaxing after finishing your work for the day.

The Apple iPad Air has a great long lasting battery life, lasting up to 10 hours. Which is perfect for any home schoolers, or just general use. Having more than enough battery life to get you through your work for the day. Because of this battery life, you can do whatever tasks you want to without worrying about your battery running out of charge.

Available for a very reasonable price, we offer and include a number of extra services to improve your experience overall. We offer free delivery, so that you do not have to worry about paying for delivery. But we do offer faster delivery, if you want your product sooner. Though you do have to pay for faster delivery.

Thanks to Klarna, you can also buy your product, but pay over time.
Included with our devices are 12-month warranties, so that if you have any mechanical issues with your device in the long term, we can help resolve those issues.

The Apple iPad Air is currently available in our collection of Apple iPads. Shop now at:

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