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Lockdown Ease and What It Means

Lockdown Ease and What It Means

A new four step roadmap that sets out the easing of lockdown has been announced by the Government, so that we can return to our normal lives as soon as we can hope. The easing of lockdown and restrictions is going to be far more cautious than previously, with the government hopeful that they can keep infection rates at a low.

Each stage on the roadmap will be assessed before any restrictions are eased or removed. The assessment will involve four tests, involving:

• Continued success of vaccination deployment
• Evidence displays that the vaccine is effective at reducing deaths and people administered to the hospital when vaccinated
• Infection rates does not risk an increase of people going into hospital, which would put more pressure on the NHS
• Assessment of risks not changed by any new COVID variants or other concerns.

Between each step of restriction ease, there will be a 5-week period. This 5-week period will be split into 4-weeks to reflect any changes and review data, and a one-week period as a simple notice period of when the next step will occur. This should help reduce the risk of any further issues and the need for another lockdown.

As we already know, the first set of lockdown easing is going to begin on March 8th with a number of changes being made. Schools are going to be re-opened and universities for students, as long as university students are on practical courses. If you are struggling with or missing any key technology for school or university, we have a massive range available on our website, including laptops, cameras, computers and more... 

Residents in care homes will also be allowed one regular visitor, as long as that visitor has been tested and wears appropriate protection. Other than that, the Stay-at-Home requirement will stay in place, people will be allowed to leave the home for some activities with people from their household or support bubble.
Also, as part of the first step, starting on the 29th of March, a few more changes will come into place. The first is that outdoor gatherings will be allowed, but limited. Six people, or two households, will be allowed to meet. Some outdoor facilities can open once again, including basketball and tennis courts. People will be allowed to take part in organised outdoor sports.

On the 29th of March, Stay-at-Home will end, but some restrictions will remain in place. Such as working at home where possible and oversea travel.
Step 2 will take place around the 12th of April, with a number of changes being made. This includes:

• Non-essential retail can re-open, along with personal care facilities (like hairdressers) and public buildings (libraries).
• Outdoor attractions, like theme parks and zoos, can re-open. Though, social contact rules will be in place to prevent different households from mixing.
• Leisure facilities indoors, like swimming pools or gyms can reopen. But this will only be allowed for one person or one household.
• Hospitality venues can now serve people, but outside only. Customers must order, eat and drink while suited.
• Accomodation that is self-contained can re-open, such as holiday lets.
• Funerals are still allowed with up to 30 people, the number of people able to attend weddings, receptions or other similar events will rise to 15 from 6.

If all goes as planned, we will be hopefully be seeing our lives return to normal in a matter of months. If you want to get the best out of these changes, then you can check our collection of fit bits, Apple Watches and much more now.
Step 3 is set to take place around the 17th of May, and this is when we are set to see some more major changes. It will include:

• Majority of social contact rules will be lifted for outdoor activities. But gatherings with over 30 people will continue to be illegal.
• Outdoor activities including outdoor cinemas and outdoor theatre, will be allowed to reopen. Indoors, however, the group of 6 or 2 household rule will still be in place.
• Indoor entertainment venues (like the cinema), indoor hospitality, indoor sport and exercise classes can reopen.
• Large sporting events and performances in indoor venues can take place. However, indoors will have a capacity of 1000, or half-full if the capacity is lower. Outdoor venues will allow 4000 people.
• 10000 people will be able to go to large outdoor venues, where the crowd can be spread out to avoid contact.
• The number of people allowed to attend weddings, receptions, wakes and more will be increased to 30. Other events, like christenings, will be allowed to take place.
And the final step, that should take place on the 21st of June, should hopefully allow us to return to normality. Changes will include:
• All social contact legal limits will be lifted.
• Nightclubs will be able to reopen, and restrictions on large events set out in step 3 will be lifted.
• Limits on weddings and other events may be lifted.

With the vaccination program still going ahead, and lockdown still in place, here at StockMustGo, we will continue to follow all COVID protocols until the situation changes. You will still be able to access all of our products and services throughout this time without any issues. Available now at our website:

If you want to read more about each stage and more, visit for all the information.

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