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The Best Options for Mobile Gaming

The Best Options for Mobile Gaming

Gaming has evolved. Where before you would need one console to play your games, you can now take your online experience virtually anywhere. On the go from your phone, on your laptop at a friend's house or wherever your game takes you. Through the simple steps and quick guides put out below, you can start playing on whatever device suits you. Starting with Xbox.

Xbox Cloud

Many of you may know what this is. Many others may be wondering “What is Xbox Cloud?” We'll let me explain. Xbox Cloud is the official cloud gaming service provided within Xbox Game Pass. This is important to know. You need to be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member to access the Xbox Cloud, and you will also need a compatible controller. So, for those wondering “is Xbox cloud free?” It is not. I’m sorry. But I would recommend getting Game Pass ultimate if you do not already.

How do I play Xbox cloud? It’s as simple as installing the Xbox Game Pass app on your phone or other device. Or as an alternative just head to the official Xbox website and access the Xbox cloud there. Then it is a matter of signing up or logging in. Once you have connected your account through the app or website by following the set-out steps, you can instantly access the hundreds of games included for free on Xbox Game pass. So, for those who are wondering what games are available on Xbox cloud, there is your answer.

Please be aware that for cloud streaming to work, you will need a consistently high-speed internet connection. Also, the Xbox Game Pass app is only available on Windows PC. So those not using windows may have to use the Xbox website.

PlayStation Now

All of the users asking “Does PlayStation have cloud gaming?” Can finally get their answer. Yes. If you are unaware of what PS Now is, it is PlayStation’s first game streaming service. Allowing you to play a series of games on the device you choose. Again, you do have to pay for PlayStation Now and you will need a consistent high-speed internet connection.

Accessing PlayStation Now on your console is easy as anything. The moment you have subscribed, a menu for PS Now will appear in your main menu. All you have to do is go into it. But for mobile and other devices, it is a little bit different of course. To get PS Now on your phone, you will have to install the PS Remote Play app. This app will guide you through the process and give you access to all of the games available. Same applies for Windows PC. You can easily find a download link on the PlayStation website if you cannot find one.

Just like Xbox cloud, you will need a compatible PlayStation controller for PlayStation Now cloud gaming to work.

Google Stadia

Google’s somewhat new gaming service is a third strong option when it comes to mobile gaming. Google Stadia is its name, and as long as you can connect to Google, you can connect to Stadia. Unlike the other gaming cloud services mentioned, you do not have to pay to use Google Stadia. There is a Stadia Pro option that allows for improved graphics and performance, but it isn’t required. You will have to pay for games of course, if they are not free.

So, how do you use Google Stadia? It’s very simple. As mentioned above, as long as you can access Google Chrome, you can access Stadia on any device.

First you will want to go to the official Stadia website to sign up. From there you can install the Stadia app on your device and just start playing. For almost any device, you can just go to the stadia website and start playing. Other Stadia compatible devices include Chromecasts and Android TVs. Though a controller isn’t always required, it is recommended for gameplay purposes.

Portable Consoles

What better way to enjoy mobile gaming that with a portable gaming console. There are two worth mentioning, first being the Nintendo Switch. A Nintendo Switch is always recommended for portable gaming or home entertainment. It is one of the best-selling consoles around for a reason. Access thousands of highly rated games all from one console. It’s a brilliant console. That’s for certain.

The other console I want to mention is the Steam Deck. The Steam Deck doesn’t release until the 25th of February, but it looks promising from early reviews and gameplay. The Steam Deck allows you to access hundreds of Steam games all from one portable console. Allowing you to play your favourite PC games anywhere you choose.

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