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Get 20% Off Your Order With Code "MEGA20"
Valentines day gifts for tech lovers

Valentines day gifts for tech lovers

This is one for all the tech lovers out there. We have a giant range of on-offer refurbished electronic devices, that are perfect for a loved one, or even for yourself. Read through the top 20 products we have available, that are brilliant for all tech lovers out there.

Phenomenal Mobile Phones:

Apple iPhone 11 Pro:

Let’s start with an extremely popular, and highly rated smartphone, the iPhone 11 Pro. Loved by many for its high-grade and top-quality camera, boasting an incredible 12MP triple lens camera capable of amazing quality telephoto, wide and ultrawide zooms. Coming in a variety of different colours and storage capacities, so that you can choose which options you prefer (as long as they are available). Despite not being the most recent iPhone entry, the iPhone 11 Pro is still one of the very best mobile phones you can get today, with magnificent top-of-the-line features including wireless charging and useful features.

Find them at this link:

Apple iPhone XR:

Or there is another great alternative in our Apple collection, the iPhone XR. The iPhone XRs we have on offer have a wide range of bright and wonderful colours, along with a mix of different quality grade and storage options, so that you can choose the specifications and colour that you prefer. The iPhone XR offers a wonderful experience for a good cost for the quality of product. Packed with strong features and specifications, like wireless charging, a 12MP high quality camera, strong face ID features and much more for you to explore.


See more here:

Samsung S10 and S10+:

Perhaps you are not a big fan of Apple products, and are looking for a good alternative. Well, you cannot go wrong with a Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10+. With the Samsung S21 release, the prices of previous Samsung entries are dropping. Meaning that now you can get marvellous Samsung Galaxy S devices for a great and competitive price. Despite not being the most recent entry, the Galaxy S10 and S10+ are still top-of-the-line and extraordinary products. Packing some great features, like super-fast charging, a very strong 12+16 MP camera and much more for you to discover...

Learn more through these links:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite:

Another alternative from our Android collection, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite. A very strong and recent release from Samsung, refurbished to the highest possible standard. Optimise your experience using the included S-pen, designed to perfect your experience with fine precision and accuracy. Take the finest photos with the Note 10’s triple lens rear camera, offering 12MP quality on telephoto, wide and ultrawide photo options. Along with a further range of top-tier features and specifications, including enhanced security, a beautiful high-quality display and far more.

Take a look now at:

Top-Tier Computing Devices:

Apple iMac:

A very popular product among tech lovers is the Apple iMac. Another great product from Apple, that we have refurbished to the greatest possible standard. Offering the best quality of graphics, extraordinary performance and huge amounts of storage, along with different sizes and specifications designed for your benefit. Compatible with masses of different devices and accessories, the Apple iMac is perfect for anyone wanting a new and powerful PC.

View our collection now at:

Apple MacBooks:

If you are looking for something more portable, but as powerful as the iMac, we have a phenomenal variety of Apple MacBooks that are great for all tech lovers. Boasting slick designs and the best functionality of all laptops around. The refurbished MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs we have on offer are the best you can find, giving you access to the finest quality entertainment, with extremely fast processing times and top-of-the-line graphics for you to enjoy. Being incredibly fast, with long lasting battery and strong security systems, the MacBook is at the pinnacle of portable work and entertainment.

Explore our range of MacBooks now at:

Lenovo Laptops:

Another alternative to our wide range of Apple products, our collection of reliable Lenovo Laptops. With solid all-around performance, you will be able to complete the greatest of tasks with comfort and ease. Being a far more affordable option compared to the MacBook’s we have available; our range of Lenovo Laptops are just as great in quality while offering a great variety of handy and impressive features. You can experience great entertainment, or complete important tasks with ease with our refurbished laptops. We offer more alternatives than Apple or Lenovo, including HP, Microsoft and even some gaming laptops.

Take a look now through:

Apple iPad:

A product that most tech lovers adore: the iPad. Being extremely popular for its capability to preform multiple tasks with absolute ease. Able to tackle any tasks on the go, with a great amount of speed and functionality. We offer numerous colours and storage options, so that you can choose the iPad designed for your preference. You can use the iPad for many different reasons, contacting friends and family with ease, watch high quality entertainment or complete whichever tasks you need to complete. The astonishing display and features will blow you away.

Discover our range of iPads here:

Highly Rated Gaming Platforms:  

Gaming PCs:

Next on our list is our collection of gaming platforms and items, all refurbished to the greatest standard. Gaming PCs are one of the most popular platforms for gaming, and for a good reason. Granting you access to thousands of enjoyable games that you can experience with astonishing graphics and performance. But your experience does depend on the quality of gaming PC you have access to and its specifications. Luckily, we have a great variety of high tier gaming PC’s that will allow you to enjoy the pinnacle of online gaming. Based upon an extensive procedure, our gaming PC’s have great specifications for the price at which they are offered.

Look at our collection now at:

Xbox One:

Despite the recent release of next generation consoles, the Xbox One remains a strong option for playing with friends or family online. With hundreds of entertaining games at your disposal, thanks to backwards compatibility and new and upcoming new releases, online gaming has never been more entertaining. With lockdowns being more common, getting yourself a gaming console will help provide some entertainment. Having extraordinary graphics and easy to use navigation and systems, the Xbox Ones we have available all provide great entertainment. We can assure you that the Xbox’s we offer are all refurbished and graded based on extensive procedures by our professional technicians.

View our selection of Xbox consoles here:

PlayStation 4:

The PlayStation 4 is an extraordinary gaming console, being very popular among online communities. The features and specifications included within the PS4 are phenomenal, including beautiful graphics, stunning performance and much more for you to discover. You can enjoy some of the best games around on the PS4, including many PlayStation exclusives such as God of War. Refurbished to the highest possible standard, the PlayStations we offer all provide the greatest level of entertainment for when you are bored or want to play with any friends or family.

Take a good look now at:

Nintendo Switch:

A console that has soared in popularity over the last few years: the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch allows you to play any game you want on the go. So, you can play enjoyable games whenever or wherever you want. Regardless of where you play, the graphics and performance of the Nintendo Switch are top notch. Allowing you to play entertaining and wonderful games at an extraordinary quality. Whether you want to enjoy a game by yourself, or compete against your friends and family, you can with ease and to the highest standard.

Observe our collection here:

Astonishing Refurbished Controllers:

Xbox Controllers:

Enjoy the most entertaining games with our range of certified refurbished Xbox Controllers. We offer fascinating and colourful designs so that you can have a controller that suits you the most, while also offering a great advantage online. Whether you are treating yourself, or a loved one, our controllers will always give the best experience. Compatible with a multitude of different devices, including PC and Xbox (Series X/S and One), your controller can be used whenever you need it. You can experience online gaming with comfort and great features.

Enhance your gameplay now at:

PlayStation 4 Controllers:

We also have a great variety of PlayStation 4 controllers that will blow you away. The PS4 DualShock controllers are extremely popular and very highly rated, thanks to the top-tier features included. Including motion sensors, a built-in speaker, a touchpad and much more available for you to look through. You can feel the electricity of online games with the PS4 controller, giving you the capability to enjoy online worlds with great feeling and enjoyment.

Delve into our collection now:

Nintendo Controllers:

Let your friends and family join in on your game with our collection of Nintendo Joy-Cons. These controllers allow you add even more players to your game, so that you can enjoy your favourite games with friends and family whenever or wherever you want. Not only that, but we offer a number of unique and different coloured designs, so that you can choose the controller which is most suited for you. Like all of our controllers, our Nintendo controllers are all professionally refurbished to the highest standard.

Shop now at:

Steering Wheels:

We even have steering wheel controllers available, so that you can experience your favourite racing games with wonderful performance. Designed for multiple different gaming platforms, you can enjoy racing games with the wheel on most platforms. Allowing you to experience every little detail while racing, boosting your gameplay to the next level.

Discover now through:

Wonderful Sound and Vision Devices:

Sound Systems:

Enjoy the highest quality sound in your own home with our collection of sound systems. The sound systems we offer are all refurbished to the greatest standard, and graded to your benefit, so you know the quality of the device. You can fill your home with lush and wonderful noises, and for a very great price.

View more now at;

Apple AirPods:

We have a huge range of headphones and earphones on offer. The most highly rated are the Apple Air Pods we have in stock. Being both extremely popular and phenomenal in performance, the Apple Air Pods are a must have for any Apple user. With great quality, portability, comfort all with a great ease of use, the experience provided from the Air Pods is extraordinary. We offer the best refurbished 1st generation Air Pods, 2nd generation Air Pods and Air Pods Pro for a very competitive price.

Browse now at:


Take the highest quality images with our great range of tremendous cameras. Capable of taking beautiful photos wherever and whenever you want to. We offer a number of popular brands like Sony and Canon, so you have the greatest choice of products. Excellent and useful as a gift for friends, family or even as a treat for yourself.

Explore our collection now through:

This has been our selection of the best products we have for all of you tech lovers out there. Enjoy and browse at your will.

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