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Get 20% Off Your Order With Code "SUMMER20"

Angle Grinder

A must-have for many DIY projects. With a new angle grinder, you can complete grinding and cutting jobs with ease.


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What Angle Grinders Do We Have Available?

An angle grinder is a must-have DIY tool in many situations. And with our collection of angle grinders, you can find exactly what you need for both grinding and cutting jobs. We have angle grinders from a number of brands. For example, we have Dewalt grinders and Makita angle grinders available at a very affordable price, and both provide the necessary power and safety gear that you need to get your project completed.

Our Recommendations

Not sure what kind of grinder tool you want? We have a few recommendations. Keep your eye out for any cordless angle grinders. These battery grinders are highly recommended as they allow you to do all of your DIY tasks without any wires getting in your way and causing you trouble. If you want an angle grinder for more demanding tasks, then your best friend will be a 9-inch grinder. Capable of covering a larger space with a higher power level. 

Refurbished Angle Grinder

As with most of our products, the angle grinders that we have on offer are either brand-new or refurbished to the highest standard. We refurbish most of the products we have available so that you will always get a fully functioning product at a great price. And to make sure you know what the quality of the product is like before making a decision, we also grade our products based on an extensive procedure. The grade can be any one of the following:

  • Brand New – The item is brand new and sealed in its original box
  • Open Box – The item is as new and has very minor (if any) signs of use
  • Refurbished Pristine – The product has very minor if any signs of use
  • Refurbished Excellent – The product has few marks and signs of use
  • Refurbished Good – The product has moderate marks and signs of use

Grading Explained

The product grade can be found at the top of the product description for any item across our store. And if you want to learn a bit more about our product grading, our grading explained page goes into more detail on grades and what they are.

Other DIY Tools

And if you are looking for a different piece of DIY equipment, we have many more categories that may have what you need. Including our category of circular saws, our selection of drills and many other DIY pieces of equipment that you can find.

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