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Halloween Sale - use code SPOOKY10 for extra 10% OFF - FREE Delivery
Halloween Sale - use code SPOOKY10 for extra 10% OFF - FREE Delivery

DIY Equipment

Get creative and do all of those tasks you have around the house with our collection of DIY equipment.


We have a massive range of DIY tools that will allow you to sort out and do those tasks which you’ve wanted to get out of the way. Make some repairs around the house, make some renovations or even just start creating things for you and those around you to enjoy. Our DIY tools make your life a whole lot easier and give you the opportunity to improve your available equipment.

No matter what you are looking for we have probably got it available and for a good price. We’ve got a number of different tools available, including drills, rotary tools, electric saws, chainsaws, electric sanders, air guns, leaf blowers, circular saws, car polishers and more. A range of products for a great range of different tasks that require you to get your hands dirty.

DIY equipment makes your tasks and works just a lot easier. Rather than having to use your hands or old equipment, and going through a lot of effort, you can just find the tool you need on our website. Get the price you want to pay and have the tool you need to be delivered to you in just a couple of days thanks to the fast and free delivery we include with the products we have.

The reason why we offer such good prices on our products is that they are mostly refurbished. Those that are not refurbished are brand new and will be in the original box. Our refurbishment process means you will get the power and features you expect from the product at a really great quality. And if you want to find out what the quality is like before buying, we grade our products on the following scale:

  • New - Brand new sealed with full manufacture warranty.
  • Open Box - Seal has been broken on the packaging but the item is as new condition.
  • Grade A – Item is in excellent condition and will have very little sign of usage if not none at all.
  • Grade B – The item is in good condition and will have light and minor marks and scratches.
  • Grade C – Item is in used condition and will have visible marks and scratches.

Not the product you are looking for? We have a number of different products for your home and garden. We have health and beauty products for a great level of comfort, we have vacuum cleaners including manual and robotic cleaners, kitchen products for a bit of help around the kitchen and more.