Our Products

As a lot of our items have been previously distributed by another retailer, these items come to us when they are damaged, faulty, returned by a customer, reaches end of line or is excess stock.

Most of our items come from stock that has been purchased from an online retailer where, because of the distance selling act, the customer has 14 days to physically see and handle the item to decide if they are happy with it. Many customers order 2 or 3 machines to compare at home before they settle on which one they would like to keep. This means that the customer has opened the box and took the item out to look at. Once that box has been opened the online retailer can no longer sell this item on.

They come to us in this manner so we ensure that the item is complete, undamaged and free of any personal data. We then professionally refurbish these items and test everything in house to make sure the item is fully functional, and retrieve the full item specification.

For example, a refurbished laptop is almost identical to a new laptop just with minor signs of previous use. Refurbished laptops don’t lose their speed and will perform the same as a brand new

laptop. The only difference is the price; you will purchase a refurbished laptop for much cheaper than a brand new item from a leading high street store.

To summarise; you can get a faster, higher specification laptop for the same price of a slower, lower specification brand new laptop.

Product Condition

The majority of the products sold on this website will be ‘Refurbished A’. All products will be tested to ensure they hold charge however we cannot guarantee that the original maximum battery life can be achieved.

If the item comes with a charger included it may not be the original, but will also be tested and will be the correct rating for the specific item. ALL OF OUR CHARGERS ARE UK CHARGERS AND WE WILL NOT SUPPLY CHARGERS FOR ANY OTHER REGION.

NONE of our items come with any software such as Office included, although the item will have a fully licensed and activated Operating System installed unless stated otherwise.

Condition Scale
Brand New Sealed The product has never been used or opened.
New* The product is a brand new replacement for a faulty return directly from the manufacturer.
Refurbished A The product has been professionally refurbished in-house to look and perform like new.
Refurbished B The product has been professionally refurbished in-house but will have 1-2 minor cosmetic marks.
Refurbished C The product has been professionally refurbished in-house but will have many major cosmetic marks.