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January Sales are NOW on - 22% OFF Everything!! Use code JANSALE22 at the checkout! FREE Delivery
January Sales are NOW on - 22% OFF Everything!! Use code JANSALE22 at the checkout! FREE Delivery

Android Phones

Explore a massive variety of Android phones with our wide collection now.


Multiple different brands and mobile devices use the Android operating system within their devices, making it one of the biggest systems in the world. Some of the most popular devices using them, like the Samsung Galaxy phone, Google Pixels, Huawei smartphones, OnePlus phones and much more.

We have many devices like these available. Whether you want a cheap Android phone, like the Huawei P8 Lite, or you want a high end and high-quality Android phone, like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, then we have a number of exceptional options available right now.

For our Android devices, you may notice that we offer some really nice and low prices. Because we refurbish our devices to the best quality they can be, our refurbished Android phones are not only cheap but work just as well as brand new phones.

But not only do we refurbish and improve the Android phones we have, but we also grade them so that you get the absolute best quality for a refurbished phone. And the grading works as followed:

  • Grade C-, Fair – the phone’s screen and rear will have multiple scratches and moderate signs of use throughout
  • Grade C, Good – the screen and rear will have some visible scratches and signs of use
  • Grade B, Excellent – the screen and back casing will have very light scratches and very little sign of use
  • Grade A, Pristine – the screen and back casing will be immaculate

You can find an Android phone that is perfect for you. Not only do we have Android phones from a number of companies, but we also have a wide range of devices in different colours and storage sizes. For example, if you want a purple Samsung Galaxy S9 or Nebula Blue OnePlus 7 Pro with 256GB, we have it.

Whether you want to sit back and watch a video on your phone, scroll through social media until your heart’s content or maybe just message and speak to your friends and family over the phone. A high-quality Android phone will not disappoint.

Can’t find the phone or device you are looking for? We have a range of Apple iPhones, tablets and more available for purchase right now. Or if you are simply looking for the perfect mobile accessory to add to your phone, we have a great number of them now in stock.