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Get 20% Off Your Order With Code "SUMMER20"
Get 20% Off Your Order With Code "SUMMER20"

Watch Grading

Grade New

  • This item is brand new

  • The watch will be brand new and sealed in its original packaging.

Grade Open Box

  • This item is in an as new condition

  • The watch will have very minor (If any) signs of use.

Refurbished Pristine

  • This item is in pristine condition

  • The face of this item is in pristine condition, showing no visible marks & scratches. The edges to the face are also in pristine condition, showing no marks/scratches

  • The strap of the item is in pristine condition showing no visible marks/scratches or signs of use/wear.  

Refurbished Excellent

  • This item is in excellent condition

  • The face of this item is in excellent condition but may have 1-2 fine scratches/marks from previous use/wear. The edges of the face may also have some visible signs of use/wear. 

  • The strap of the item is in excellent condition, although there are some visible marks & scratches visible on the finish & also to the edges.

Refurbished Good

  • This item is in good condition. 

  • The face of this item is in good condition, there may be visible scratching & marks as well as signs of use/wear to the edges of the item

  • The strap of the item is in a good condition, showing multiple scratches as well as high signs of previous use & wear.

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