10 Ways To Reuse Cardboard Boxes

Think twice before tossing those old cardboard boxes into the recycling bin! In a world where sustainability is key, recycled boxes have the potential to become your next DIY masterpiece! From large cardboard boxes to the smallest recyclable boxes, we're here to highlight the ways that you can reuse your cardboard boxes and turn them into new creations.

In this blog, we'll explore 10 ways to give your cardboard boxes a new lease on life, helping you reduce waste and save money in the process. From storage containers to DIY ideas, we have it all waiting for you.

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1- Cardboard planter:

Can I use cardboard box as planter?

You might be wondering how you make planters out of cardboard boxes? And the solution is simple, for this cardboard planter DIY line your cardboard box with a plastic bag and poke some holes into the bottom. This tip is great because no matter the size of your cardboard box, you will find a plant to fit.

Add some string to the sides of the box to create a hanging plant or add some fabric/paint along the box to give your planter a bit of character.


2- Cardboard storage containers:

Similar to the DIY cardboard planter, simply line your cardboard box with fabric to turn it into a large cardboard storage container. Again, by choosing any type of fabric to line your box with, you can make a storage container completely personalised to you. With this creation residing in your home, its durability ensures long-lasting use. You could even glue a couple cardboard boxes together to make large storage trays.

If you want more tips on how to keep organised within your home, make sure to check out our Ten Home Organisation Tips Blog.


3- Cardboard furniture sliders:

Furniture sliders are usually hard pieces of plastic or rubber lined with a cushioned material that are placed under furniture to prevent it from sliding or denting the carpet. However, if you are looking to find some cheap furniture sliders, make your own! But what can I use instead of furniture sliders?

For this cardboard furniture slider diy, cut your cardboard boxes into smaller, or larger, pieces to place under your furniture. And because cardboard is already quite cushioned, you don’t need to line it with foam. You now have your own furniture sliders for carpet or hard floors.


4- Christmas boxes:

With Christmas round the corner, we understand that saving money is everyone’s current priority. So instead of wasting your money buying wrapping paper, gift bags or even more cardboard boxes, store your old brown boxes from Stock Must Go to use as Christmas gift boxes.

Again, you can personalise your box by adding your own choice of ribbon, paint, or fabric to make your gift completely stand out from the crowd. Our boxes come in all different shapes and sizes, so don’t worry about your gift not fitting.

Cardboard Christmas gift box


5- Cardboard garlands:

Another fun décor idea, or a fun activity to do with your kids on a weekend, is creating your own cardboard garlands. Again, with Halloween and Christmas approaching, now is the best time to start redecorating your house.

How to make inexpensive garland?

To make your easy cardboard garlands, using your brown box trace a pattern along the box and cut the design out. You can get a pattern online or free hand it yourself if you’re feeling creative, add your own decorations to the garland, maybe some fabric or new material, then attach some string to the top of the words to hang up in your home, they make the perfect party decorations.


6- Indoor playing space for kids:

If you have a larger cardboard box, and bored kids, create the ultimate play den by turning your brown box into a collapsible cardboard playhouse. Get your kids to decorate the box however they like, a castle, a house, a school?

What’s better is after they have finished, the playhouse can easily be folded down to nothing, and put back onto your shelf to be used another time.


7- Wall art:

Similar to the cardboard garland, for this tip all you need is some scissors and some fabric. Cut out your desired wall art, there is always plenty of inspiration on social media and YouTube so you will never run out of ideas. Then simply stick the decoration to the wall, your art will be unique to you and your home!


8- Mobile/tablet stand:

Sick of losing your phone or tablet whenever you put it down? With this inexpensive trick, never lose your device again.

How to make a tablet stand out of cardboard?

Choose your selected piece of cardboard and fold in the middle so the two sides are sat at a 90-degree angle, cut two slits into the top of the cardboard big enough for your device to slot into, the back of your phone/tablet will then lean against the corner of the cardboard. It’s simple!

There are many tutorials on YouTube also if you’re stuck too.


9- DIY Photo frame:

A great option for customising your décor. Simply cut the cardboard to fit around the image, attach some string to hang from your walls or attach some additional cardboard on the back to create a stand. Make sure to decorate the photo frame how you’d like. This DIY could be a great Christmas gift idea too.

Photo frame


10- Cupboard organiser/divider:

Finally, a draw organiser would be perfect to create using your left-over cardboard boxes. Simply cut the cardboard into smaller sections to create space dividers for your home. As cardboard is easy to bend and holds well into shape, you can organise your home with no restrictions how you want to.

And it’s simple to take out the cardboard if you want to change your organisation around, a great way to customise.


Positives of reusing cardboard:

Negatives of reusing cardboard:
  • Reduces landfills
  • Reduces greenhouse gases
  • Saves energy
  • Wide range of uses
  • Reusing old materials
  • Sustainable
  • Will eventually deteriorate
  • Will become damaged eventually


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Giving those unused cardboard boxes a second purpose is not only eco-friendly but also opens up a world of creative possibilities. From charming eco-friendly Christmas decorations to small packaging boxes for your thoughtful gift box packaging, these 10 creative ideas give new life to those eco-friendly boxes while reducing waste and embracing sustainability.

So, let's make the most out of our packaging boxes and embark on a greener, more imaginative journey!


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Richard In Willesden

Richard In Willesden

When purchasing something that is packed in a cardboard box, don’t dispose of the box until you’re certain that the product isn’t defective or in need of return.
Instead, remove any sticky tape, staples and labels before flattening the box and storing it under a bed or somewhere else where it won’t get in the way, get wet or become a fire risk.
This avoids the need to obtain another box if the item does need to be returned. Keeping a roll of box tape handy to help remake the box if required is also helpful.

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