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Get 20% Off Your Order With Code "MEGA20"
Our Guide to Refurbishment

Our Guide to Refurbishment

Here at StockMustGo, we sell a great variety of top-tier refurbished products like phones, laptops and gaming consoles. You may be wondering what refurbishment is. Well, if so, read through our quick guide to refurbishment. 

What is a refurbished product? 

Refurbished products, such as phones, laptops and computers, are items that were previously owned and were no longer wanted or have become damaged. Once a second-hand item has been received, the company or brand completely “refurbishes” the item to the highest possible quality. This involves solving any faults, resetting the item to its original state and more so that it is like the product is brand newOnce refurbished, the item can be sold once again. 

Why buy a refurbished product over a brand-new product? 

As technology advances throughout time, brand new products will become more and more expensive. As a result, the refurbished product sector is growing at a mighty rate. Refurbished items have a much greater quality than most people expect. After extensive procedures and testing, refurbished products often work just as well as brand new products, with the main difference being in cosmetics. Refurbished products are fully tested on every feature here at StockMustGo, they may not be brand-new, but they are extremely well made. The methods used to refurbish products differs between companies, but all ensure great quality. Refurbished products are also much cheaper compared to brand new products and graded to display their quality.  

What is grading: 

After the refurbishing procedure is complete, the items are graded based on numerous factors. For example, here at StockMustGo, there are three grades displaying the item’s quality: grade A, B and C. Grade A means the item is excellent condition, grade B means the item is in good condition and grade C means used condition. These grades are determined on a number of features, for more information visit our grading page at Grading is a great way to determine how good an item is after being refurbished, and you will always know how good the item is before you purchase it.  

Why should I buy a refurbished product? 

It is far cheaper to buy a refurbished product over a brand-new product, while also being at an extremely high quality. Saving yourself money as the product you buy will be to the highest possible quality. No matter what you are looking for, whether cheap or expensive, you can find a great collection of great quality items. Upon that, buying refurbished products is also very beneficial for the environment, as items can be repaired or refurbished instead of being thrown away or dumped. This reduces huge amounts of waste. Not only that, but warranties are often offered alongside refurbished products in case there are any issues. 

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