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Get 20% Off Your Order With Code "MEGA20"
Where to Get a Next Gen Console

Where to Get a Next Gen Console

Everybody wants the best tech, and the one thing that gamers are struggling with now is getting it. Next-gen consoles can prove difficult to get. With stock across the web selling out in just a matter of minutes. Leaving the process of not only finding an Xbox Series X or PS5 in stock but managing to buy one before they sell out. PS5 stock and Xbox Series X stock are relatively scarce in this day, but we are here to help. With the tips and tricks below, you may just be able to find a new console today.

Don’t Wait on Big Sellers

It may be comforting, or even enjoyable, to buy from the biggest websites and sellers on the net. But it isn’t such a great idea when it comes to next-gen consoles. If you are waiting for stock to come into Amazon or another seller, you are going to waste quite a lot of time.

The stock that comes into larger companies often sells out before you can even get onto the website. Not only because there are going to be hundreds of people like yourself waiting in line, but because of bots and scrapers that are automated to buy consoles in just a matter of seconds after coming into stock. Making the process of buying from large sellers quite a gamble.

It isn’t a case of you should ignore big sellers altogether, but rather checking occasionally and keeping your eyes out. Some may have pre-order options or options in terms of informing you of incoming stock or reservations. Your best bet for finding stock though is to look through more uncommonly known websites and check stock checkers. We may even have Xbox Series X or PS5s available currently.

Stock Checkers

Stock checkers are a vital tool when it comes to not only getting next-gen consoles but any limited stock. When it comes to finding PS5 or Xbox Series X stock, you can find stock checkers almost anywhere. There are websites that you can use, social media accounts you can follow or even YouTube and Twitch channels.

By simply searching in PS5 stock checkers or Xbox Series X stock checkers on Google or your preferred social media platform, you will instantly find a great number of options you could use. It is recommended that you look at multiple to find the best option for you. Whether that is in terms of price, delivery, etc. A lot of retailers may also offer bundles. These will cost more. But it is used mostly to clear unwanted stock.

Reservations and Pre Orders

This is a point I briefly mentioned in not waiting for big sellers. With some retailers, like Game and even PlayStation themselves, you can register for a pre-order or reservation. This does involve a bit of waiting. Especially considering that stock is very limited. But it is a sure-fire way to get your hands on a next-gen console. You will have to be patient but is a very easy option to take.

It is worth checking the official Xbox and PlayStation sites first. PlayStation Direct does offer a registration opportunity to reserve a PS5. The only way to reserve an Xbox Series X directly from Microsoft currently is to use the Xbox Insider app. This service is free, and you can install it on your phone or console. From there it is a matter of signing up and reserving.


If you are open to spending a bit more on a PS5 or Xbox Series X right now, then your best bet is through reseller platforms like eBay. It is not recommended that you buy directly through social media platforms, as there is a higher chance of being scammed. You are likely to find quite a few PS5s or Xbox Series X consoles on something like eBay. As this is where scrapers will list next-gen consoles for a higher profit. Buying a next-gen console from eBay shouldn’t be your first option. If you are desperate then it is a good option. But it is recommended you try the stated methods above first.

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