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Apple’s April Event Overview

Apple’s April Event Overview

A few days ago, Apple announced numerous new Apple products and updates for the coming weeks. With a great amount of information shared, we are going to go over everything that was announced by Apple in its April event.

Helping the Environment:

Right off the bat of the event, we were given a few updates on Apple’s attempts and aims to help the environment. Confident they will be 100% completely carbon neutral by 2030, it was announced that they aim to make their international footprint clean. With their supply change and use of products being two areas within this objective.

The Restore Fund has also begun this month, being launched by Apple, Conversation International and Goldman Sachs. The Restore Fund offers environmental returns that are measured based on the amount of carbon removed from the atmosphere and in terms of finances. With Apple’s overall goal here being to remove over 1 million tons of carbon a year.

Apple Card Update:

A couple of updates have been announced for Apple Card, allowing for more equal financial options. Based on equalising finances are much as they can, Apple Card will now allow both partners and spouses to share and put together their credit lines, give equal rights to Apple Card accounts and build Apple Credit as evenly as possible.

And now to share with your whole family: the Apple Card Family. This will let you and your whole family receive access to an Apple Card under a single-family account. Anyone from your family can get an Apple Card, as long as they are over the age of 13. And if parents want to control their child’s account, there are optional spending limits and controls.

Apple Podcasts:

Apple Podcasts provide hours of entertainment for those looking for a good story or strong information. Offering thousands of podcasts that are available now. And to improve your Apple Podcast experience, Apple have given the Podcast app a new design. Giving every podcast show and episode page the new design to allow for much greater ease of use.

And to help you discover new podcasts, “Channels” have been introduced. Letting you discover countless new podcasts to listen to.

Along with these changes, Apple are releasing a subscription option for Apple Podcasts. This will allow users to gain great benefits, such as ad-free listening, early show access and more. This subscription services will be available in May.

Apple iPhone 12:

A short announcement was given about the iPhone 12. With a new purple edition arriving from the 30th of April, and pre-orders being available on Friday 23rd.

iPhone 12 | Mmmmm, purple | Apple


iPhone 12


Apple Air Tags:

And now for the first of Apple’s new products: the Apple Air Tag. A device that you can attach to any of your belongings, so that you can track them at all times.

Using the Find My Network made by Apple, you can track where your Air Tag is, and so the item attached to it. And this can all be done from your iPhone. Being able to use the Find My app to track the tag.

And to make finding your tag that precise, precision finding is a new feature built for the Air Tags. If you have an iPhone with a U1 chip (like the iPhone 12), precision finding is available. Using overlays to track your belongings with great precision. As you move, your distance from your Air Tag will be calculated, then with camera, accelerometer and gyroscope information from your iPhone, you will find your Air Tag easily.

Your Air Tag can only be tracked by you and your phone. Thanks to Apple’s privacy features within the Air Tag, nobody will be able to follow it (this includes Apple!). With safety features implemented to stop unwanted tracking.

And to make sure your Air Tag is suited for you, there are numerous customisation options for the Air Tag. Air Tags can be engraved with text and emojis, making it personal to you. Giving your Air Tag a unique look.  Apple have also worked with Hermès so that you can get limited hand crafter leather edition Air Tags, that make the Air Tags even more unique.

You can get yourself an Air Tag from the 30th of April, with pre-orders available on Friday 23rd. Individually, an Air Tag costs £29. But you can get a four pack for £99.

Introducing AirTag | Couch | Apple

 Apple Tags

Apple TV:

Apple TV 4K is a powerful entry into the Apple TV collection. Being made with A12 Bionic, the performance level of the Apple TV 4K is next level. Being able to play HDR at a stunning frame rate, much higher than previous models. This allows for a far stronger visual experience, being at a great quality while being super smooth.

That is not all though, Apple TV 4K boasts a new colour balance feature that works with your iPhone. This elevates the picture quality thanks to smart features. Using your iPhone’s camera and proximity sensor to get to a target on your Apple TV screen. Once this target is hit, numerous measurements will begin to determine different colour. Using the light sensor on your phone, Apple TV 4K will automatically compare colour balance to professional specifications.

And to control the Apple TV 4K, an all-new Siri remote. Completely redesigned and fitted with new buttons, controls and functions. Now made with a single aluminium design, new and easy to use click pad and buttons.

Apple TV 4K will be available in the second half of May and can be pre-ordered on the 30th of April, and will be available for £179 at 32GBs and £199 at 64GBs.

Apple TV

Apple iMac:

A new iMac has been announced. Being more powerful than all previous models, while also being fitted into a thinner design. This new iMac will be available with seven different colour options. Showing off a design that is super clean and full of vibrant colours.

Perfected with an A1 chip that is exceptionally strong in terms of performance, while also being 11mm thin.

The new iMac has beautiful colours within its display. With the display showing 11.3 million pixels within a 4.5k retina display, you cannot find anything better. Filling the screens with over a billion colours and with 500 nits of brightness, allowing for a very pleasing experience that has very low reflectivity thanks to its coating. And as you move into different environments, True Tone will set in, adjusting the colour temperature as you move.

But that is only scraping the iceberg with the iMac. A new camera, microphone and speakers have been fitted to ensure for the finest experience.

Including a new 1080p FaceTime HD camera, that allows for double the resolution and wonderful quality compared to previous iMacs. A larger sensor has been included to make sure the light performance is at the highest standard. With help from the Apple M1, image quality is greatly enhanced using the most recent Apple image signal processor. This camera also offers: very intelligent exposure and white balance, effective noise reduction and image fusion, tone mapping and more.

The new microphone works at a professional standard. Containing a strong studio quality, three mic-array that greatly reduces feedback. And to ensure that background noise is silenced and your voice quality is increase, beamforming from the microphone is used.

And to ensure you get the finest noise quality, the speakers are amazingly powerful. A six-speaker system, that does support spatial audio, is used. Made with two pairs of force-cancelling woofers that give incredible base and accurate noise, while reducing any unintended vibrations. These are then balanced by a strong tweeter.

The new iMac runs phenomenally, using an M1 and macOS Big Sur to allow for super-fast activity. Allowing the Mac and its apps to start up almost instantly. You will find that this iMac is very fast and smooth, with the CPU being 85% faster and graphics being 2x as fast as previous models.

Experience continuous content from your iPhone to your iMac. Thanks to the iMacs same chip architecture as iPhone and iPad, all of your content across your devices can be found on your iMac. So, messages to your iPhone will appear on your iMac, and more.

Feel super connectivity with iMac. Containing 4 USB ports with two Thunderbolt ports, allowing for the fastest data transfer. Wiring with the iMac is super tidy, with a single magnetic power connector that easily connects. This is a 2-meter colour matched woven cable that goes to a small power adapter, where ethernet can also be connected.

Along with the new iMac, you can numerous extra devices to enhance your experience. With three new keyboards being available. One magic keyboard gives you access to new emoji, spotlight, dictation, do not disturb and lock keys. The second keyboard gives you access to touch ID, that allows you to securely make purchases or switch accounts. The third keyboard does the same as the second, but includes a numeric keypad above of that. There are also many magic mouses with different colours and magic trackpads.

The new iMac will become fully available in the second half of May, with pre-orders being available from the 30th of April. It will cost £1299 in four colours and £1499 in seven colours and extra features.

Say hello to the new iMac | Apple

Apple Mac

iPad Pro:

And the biggest announcement made within the even was the new Apple iPad Pro. One of the strongest devices Apple have made. Containing an M1 chip, the iPad Pro runs excellently.

The iPad Pro has one of the best performances you can find. With a CPU that is 50% faster than the previous iPad Pro model. The CPU of the new iPad Pro is based upon the world’s fastest CPU core, and is 75 times faster than the first iPad.

But it is not only the fastest in terms of CPU, but the GPU is also extraordinary. With 40% faster graphics, and being 1500 times faster than the first iPad. You get some of the finest graphics available.

You cannot find a faster on the go experience. With the iPad Pro offering extremely fast connections. With the regular 11-inch iPad Pro, you will get access to a strong USB port that gives you super-fast data transfers. But with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, you will get a Thunderbolt port along with the USB-4 support. The fastest mobile port you can find. Giving you the capability of running wired connections up to 40 gigabits per second.

And to make sure your powerful connection remains when you are out, 5G is available with the iPad Pro. The 5th generation network that nullifies lag. But for those in compatible countries, the iPad Pro allows for millimetre wave connection. A connection that expands upon 5G, working at 4 gigabits per second, rather than 3.5.

And for those people who love taking photos, you can take wonderful images with the iPad’s pro camera. Offering major and useful features, like strong motion tracking, a LiDAR scanner, greatly accurate depth data and more. You will find that the colour and contrast within images are stunning, using HDR 3, ISP and Neural Engine to adjust numerous settings. This camera will work phenomenally, even in dark areas.

You will also find that you will get some stunning photos with the front camera. Made with ultra-wide capabilities within a True Depth camera, you will get a front camera with a 122-degree field of view. With the Centre Stage new feature, the front camera will automatically pan to ensure you stay in the middle of the cameras view, even if you are moving. It also adjusts when other people to enter the camera, so that everyone stays in frame.

And to display your favourite moments, the iPad Pro has some great visual qualities. The 11-inch iPad Pro shows 4 million pixels on its display, while the 12.9-inch iPad Pro shows 5.6 million pixels. And for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro you will get access to the Pro Display XDR. Using a liquid retina XDR display that includes 1000 nits of full screen brightness, 1600 nits of max brightness, a strong 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and 10,000 mini-LEDs that gives the iPad Pro great XDR level brightness. These 10,000 LEDs are grouped into 2500 local dimming zones, that you can change the brightness of individually.

Enhance your iPad Pro experience with multiple compatible devices. Including the Apple Pencil, smart and magic keyboards and integrated trackpad.

You can get your own iPad Pro in late May, with pre-orders available from the 30th April. You can get an 11-inch iPad Pro for £799 and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro for £1099.

Introducing iPad Pro | Apple

Apple Mac

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