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Apple Spring Event Announced

Apple Spring Event Announced

Apple will hold a major Spring event, where new products and information are set to be announced. The event is set to take place on the Tuesday the 20th of April, at around 6pm BST/10am PT.

You may be wondering what will be revealed within this event. Well, there have been a number of rumours of what will be announced. And we are going to go over these now.

The iPad Pro:

The greatest rumour around this Apple event is that the new iPad Pro will be announced. The iPad Pro is set to have far greater performance, graphics and a whole collection of new features. Although it has not been confirmed, many rumours have come up saying that the new iPad Pro could be around 12.9 inches in size and have miniLED technology to improve display quality. It is possible that mini versions of the iPad Pro could also be announced, but we will have to see.


The rumours of Apple AirTags have been around for a while. With some details being released overtime, but no official release date has been confirmed yet. So, it is clear to see why some rumours have come up suggesting they could be announced at the Apple Spring event. Apple AirTags will work as small devices that you can attach to your belongings. Then you can track that tag and belonging through your Apple device.

AirPods 3:

A number of rumours and sources have suggested that a third edition of the AirPods could release sometime this year. So, we could potentially see a third edition of the Apple Airpods revealed with the Apple Spring event. We can expect these to work very similarly to the previous models, with numerous new features that we will have to wait to discover.

New iMac or MacBook:

An upgrade to the Apple iMac or MacBook is not an unexpected announcement to be made. Last year, Apple announced that the new Apple Silicon chip would start being fully switched to iMac and MacBook devices. So, it is around that time when this change takes place, and a new update to the iMac series would be a reasonable announcement to expect. Though the introduction of Apple Silicon chips would be a major addition, there are bound to be more additions other than that.

Apple TV:

We have not seen an update or addition to Apple TV in quite a while, so the potential for an announcement around Apple TV is certainly up there. The features of a new Apple TV system are unknown, but we can expect some major parts if an announcement is made.

Though there are rumours of these devices, take it with a grain of salt. None of these are confirmed to be in the Apple event. But we will find out very soon. If you want more information about the Apple event, we will have another blog entry live after the event to cover what will be announced.

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