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Get 20% Off Your Order With Code "MEGA20"
Get 20% Off Your Order With Code "MEGA20"
Beat The January Blues Competition

Beat The January Blues Competition

It is the start of a new year! With Christmas and New Years passed, we are feeling a little bit blue. So, how better to get the spirits up than with a competition? Starting from the 21st of this month, you can enter into our giveaway for a special edition White Xbox Elite controller. And on the 31st, one lucky winner will be picked to receive this top-of-the-line controller. An excellent device for any gamer out there.  

The white Xbox Elite controller is a very special edition. Offering a brighter alternative to the ordinary black. Everything with this controller is included, all of the thumb sticks, D-Pads and features, all designed to give you the competitive edge. Though the controller is in an as new quality, be aware that the controller may not arrive in its original packaging.  

You may be wondering “how do I enter this competition?” It is very simple. Head over to our Facebook page and look for our January Blues competition post. Like and comment on the post and you will be entered. It is just as easy as that! You will only have 10 days to enter, so we recommend that you enter while you can.  

They may not be very interesting to you, but it is important that you read our promotion section within our terms and conditions. Here you will find all of the key details you need to be aware of when entering one of our competitions.  

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