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What We Know About the PS VR 2

What We Know About the PS VR 2

The Consumer Electronics Event has shown us some really exciting technology. Ranging from televisions all the way to home phones. But our pick of the bunch is definitely the PlayStation VR 2. The next generation of VR gaming has finally been given an update, and it sounds truly thrilling. With new features and specs being shown off and it all looks and sounds like a game changer.

So, we have decided to take a look into this upcoming sweet piece of tech and examine what it is going to bring to the table. No more babbling on, let’s just jump into it.

A Dramatic Leap

The PS VR 2 was in initially revealed to us in February 2021 through the PlayStation Blog. With the next PS VR said to “enable the ultimate entertainment experience with dramatic leaps in performance and interactivity.” After seeing some of the new details, it certainly looks that way.

The PlayStation VR 2 is certainly going to have a dramatic leap in terms of quality, with this new headset capable of running at a whopping 4K HDR and 90/120Hz frame rate! Truly amazing right? Well, it does not stop there. This next generation PS VR will feature an OLED display that allows for 2000x2040 resolution for each eye, along with a 110 degrees field of view.

Especially when you compare it to the original PS VR, this sounds absolutely incredible! And we are only getting started covering this. Everyone loves high quality and this is sure to deliver it. My only concern is that it could cause some problems with motion sickness. So, us gamers will have to take it a bit easy at first.

Taking Realism up a Notch

It certainly looks like one of the biggest improvements being implemented. The PlayStation VR 2 is going to take it to the next level when it comes to tracking and reflecting movement. And the first place is with your eyes. That’s right. Eye tracking. Thanks to a number of sensors on the inside of the headset, the PSVR 2 will be able to track your eye movement. Then it will use that movement to create an additional input for your game character. Essentially allowing you to view landscapes in VR as you would in real life.

I said that it only started with the eyes, and it does. But what is also being taken to the next level is the controller tracking. An inside-out sensor placed into the PS VR 2 headset will allow it to track you and your controller as you play. Then it will proceed to reflect those movements in-game, making your whole VR experience far more realistic.

Feedback Delivery

As you can probably tell, I am super excited already. But we aren’t done. The last feature of this headset that I want to bring up is the new headset feedback. If you have been lucky enough to get a PlayStation 5 then you will instantly understand what this means. As you play, the new headset feedback sensor will start vibrating in different intensities when in-game actions occur. Essentially haptic feedback in a headset.

For those who aren’t familiar with haptic feedback, imagine like you are playing a horror game and something strangely moves right next to you. Haptic feedback or even headset feedback will cause a slight vibration to go off, making the moment feel more realistic. To get this in a VR headset is a truly exciting concept. Well not a concept because we know we are actually going to get it.

Controlling the Game

Last point, I promise. Though this isn’t a feature in the headset, it is just as important. The new PS VR 2 Sense controller. Two massive features have been confirmed for this controller, and PS5 players know them well. Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. I have already talked about haptic feedback above, but having it in both the controller and headset is an experience I can’t wait for.

Adaptive trigger is the other big thing. As you use or fire different weapons, gear and more, you will feel the triggers become more and less resistant. The best way to picture it is like using a bow and arrow. As you pull the string of the bow, you feel it become more and more resistant until the point where you release. This is very close to how adaptive triggers work, with the resistance changing with different items.

That’s all Folks

I am sure many of you are asking questions like “how much will the PS VR 2 cost?” or “when will the PS VR 2 release?” And the simple answer for both is we don’t know. Yet at least. I expect we will learn more in the summer and with future gaming events, but until then we are going to have to wait. But I cannot wait regardless. My best guess is that the PS VR 2 will release at the end of 2022.

When more information comes out, you can expect us to take another look at it. But until then, we have a lot of games to look forward to. Until next time gamers!

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