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Free Delivery / 12 Months Warranty / Hassle Free Returns
Free Delivery / 12 Months Warranty / Hassle Free Returns
COVID-19 Update-Stockmustgo

COVID-19 Update

On the 4th of January, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that England would be entering a third lockdown for an unspecified amount of time, meaning quarantine restrictions are back to their previous conditions. However, here at StockMustGo, we will be continuing to work throughout this lockdown while also obliging to lockdown rules and conditions.  

We will be operating as usual, with key workers continuing to operate within the work place, and workers who can work remotely are doing so. This means that our top tier refurbishment procedures, fast delivery times and extremely helpful customer support will remain mostly the same. As a result of this, you should not expect any delays with products unless there are unexpected events that occur.  

Inside StockMustGo: 

Within StockMustGo, we are doing everything we can to keep our employees and customers safe, while also obliging to the guidelines made by the UK government and the World Health Organisation. This also applies to the delivery services who we work with. 

We have introduced and reinforced multiple safety measures to make sure all of our employees stay safe during the third lockdown. These measures include:  

  • Masks must always be worn when outside of your designated work place 
  • One-way systems must be followed, this includes any floor stickers 
  • Employees working on customer service must work remotely, along with anyone else who can work from home 
  • Different work teams have breaks at different times to avoid people from different teams mixing 
  • Workstations are cleaned thoroughly at different points throughout the day 

To ensure there are no issues if any further changes are made throughout the lockdown, our on-site team has all the equipment they may need in order to act and adapt quickly. This so that your purchase will be handled and delivered at the same quality as always.  

Upon that, all of us at StockMustGo wish you a great 2021! If you have any questions or want to know more about us, feel free to contact us or look through our range of information pages.  

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