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Remote Learning Tips

Remote Learning Tips

Now that Britain has gone into a third lockdown, students are now finding that they are returning to learning online. This guide will take you through how you can access Microsoft Teams online through multiple different devices ranging from your own Xbox and PlayStation consoles to mobile devices. If you do not have any devices capable of using teams, we have a great variety of refurbished and well-priced electronic devices available on our site.


Accessing Microsoft teams and other online team software is possible through Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It is recommended that you have a keyboard to plug into your Xbox’s USB port. But, in order to access teams, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Access Microsoft Edge through the Xbox games and apps section on your Xbox
  • Log into your email account on Microsoft Edge
  • Enter the teams meeting through the link your teacher sent you
  • You can traverse the site using your Xbox controller

It’s as simple as that!


Similarly, to the Xbox method of accessing teams, you can access online teams through a very simple method on your PS4 or PS5. Simply do the following:

  • Access the internet browser on your PlayStation, this can be found within the application section in your PlayStation library
  • Once again, log into your email through the internet browser
  • Enter the meeting through the link that was sent to you by your teacher
  • Once in the meeting, you can use your controller to move around

Mobile devices and PCs:

The process of accessing teams on mobile devices is very simple and easy to do and the same with both mobile devices and computers, with multiple methods of doing so. The first simple method is the following:

  • Access the internet browser on your device
  • Load up your email provider (this can also be done through the relevant email apps)
  • Enter the meeting through a link that would have been sent to you

Another method of accessing teams is to do the following:

  • Install the relevant team's app on your device
  • Log into the app using the related email login you use (the email you gave to your teacher)
  • Enter the meeting using the meeting ID and password you were sent through your email

Accessing team meetings is as simple as that! Allowing you to easily enter meetings whenever you need to! We wish you good luck throughout this lockdown and beyond!

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