Organise Your Tech For 2024

Happy new year wishes! Did you know, that usually by February, around 80% of people fail their New Years Resolutions with only 8% actually lasting the whole year? Organisation is one of the most popular New Years Resolutions, and we are here to help ensure that your New Years Resolution doesn’t go to waste.

In this blog, we have provided some top tips for you tech organisers to stay on top of your important tasks and tech throughout the year, focussing on computing, mobile phones and gaming tech. So let’s get into it!

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Most common New Years Resolutions:

  • Saving money
  • Organising
  • Keeping fit/exercising
  • Having a daily routine
  • Starting a new hobby
  • Being more positive
  • Learning to cook


Internal organisation:

Trade in old tech – If you have boxes of old mobiles, tablets, gaming consoles and more and have no idea where to put it, why not take this opportunity to make some cash and trade it in? This way, your old tech can be reused, and you get money in return. There are plenty of online and in store trade shops you can visit, but we recommend Envirofone. Simply visit their website and trade in whatever tech you have, they even accept damaged tech, check them out now!

Unsubscribe from old newsletters – If your emails are clogging up with spam and you’re struggling to keep up with your important emails, why not go through your recent emails and unsubscribe from any newsletter you no longer read. Make sure to delete any spam or irrelevant emails you get sent also; this is a great way to save your storage space.

Review your subscriptions – If you have any monthly payments, take a look at what you are subscribed to. There is definitely at least one subscription you no longer use and forgot about. Or there may be a subscription which is currently offering a deal or offer, simply cancel your subscription, and resubscribe to get money off. It’s easy!

Put your apps into group categories – On the iPhone, by holding an app over another one will create a file, which you can rename and add and take apps out of. Instead of cluttering up your screen with miscellaneous apps, put them into sections like Photography, Games and Social Media. This will make them much easier to find which saves you time making your screen a lot cleaner.

Clean out your storage every 6 months – It can be easy as the year goes on to forget about the unused apps and data we have running in the background of our phones. And with birthdays, holidays and celebrations happening, it can be easy to let this thought slip your mind. So set a date where you will spend a couple hours going through your device, deleting your recently deleted images, removing any unused apps and clearing your search tabs. Overall this will make your phone a lot cleaner and make your performance speed increase rapidly.

Organised iPhone


External organisation:

Use an Apple Tag – Apple Tags are great for finding lost keys, mobile phones, and other small tech pieces. Simply leave your Apple tag in an important place like a laptop bag or attached to a charger so if you ever lose it, you can find it by looking on your phone!

Add labels to wires – Tie a bobble or string around loose wires and then attach a label stating what that wire is for. For example, phone charger, laptop charger, phone adapter, extension lead. This means when you go back to find the lead you’re after, it will be easier to locate.

Keep a ‘Review Box’ – A great option for anyone who constantly finds single wires around the house with no use. Worried about throwing that loose wire away and it possibly having important value? Store it in a ‘review box’ and in 6 months’ time come back to the box. If you look through the wires and still can’t work out what they are needed for, throw them away… they can’t be that important! 

Buy 3 in 1 charger sets – There are plenty of online charger sets where you can charge your headphones, smartwatch and mobile at once. What’s better is that these chargers provide stands for your tech, so this is a great place to leave your tech wen it isn’t in use, it will stay charged and avoid getting lost at once. We have lots of chargers available on our website, check them out!

Buy a headphone holder – Much like a jewellery box or a ring holder, Headphone Holders are great for keeping your headphones in place. Although it may sound like a tech trend, there are plenty of headphone holders available online, and you don’t even need to buy an actual headphones holder, a chair or a bedframe is the ideal place, just remember where you put them!

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Organised wire


Things to consider:

  • Any tech you accidently misplace or throw away can easily be replaced.
  • You don’t always have to buy the most expensive and ‘best’ tech products, there are lots of amazing cheap alternatives.
  • You don’t need to order from the most expensive stores, stores like Stock Must Go are perfect for finding high quality tech at low prices.


So hopefully these top tips have helped you with maintaining your New Years 2024 tech Resolution. Make sure you come back to this blog often for your guideline on how to keep organised. And if you have any more ideas then let us know! Comment your organisation tips down below.

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