What Is Augmented Reality?

With many big companies now using vr headsets in their video games, AI in smartphones and AR to blend the virtual world and real world together, sometimes it can be easy to get the three mixed up. With vr technologies and AI being the two most popular forms of computer tools, why don’t we explore the lesser known of the trio which is AR.

In this blog, we are here to breakdown what Augmented Reality is, compare it with the other virtual tools and see where AR could take us in the future. Let’s get into it!

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Before we begin however, let’s clear up the most common two virtual tools by understanding their actual definition.

  • AI:

Stands for Artificial Intelligence, a type of computer science of making machines that can act and think like humans can.

  • VR:

Stands for Virtual Reality. A 3D simulated environments that enables users to explore and interact with their virtual surroundings and have an immersion experience. Lots of companies have taken the VR aspect off, with new headsets being made like the ps4 virtual reality helmet, virtual reality on xbox and more.


What is augmented reality in simple words?

Augmented Reality is also known as AR and is a type of tech that superimposes a computer generated image into the real world through a computer screen, in simple terms it’s interactive tech that blends the virtual world into the real world. It originated in the early 90’s (though definitely not as advanced) and was used in special systems at Air Force Labs in America, since then AR has always been around however, it became popular again within the last 20 years, with the introduction of other major virtual tools like artificial intelligence ai and VR.

If you have ever came into contact with a form of AR, we can assume it’s been through a video game on your smartphone. However, AR can also be used in everyday life like in marketing campaigns, product visualisation, architecture and home design plus many more.


Which situation is an example of augmented reality?

  • Apple Measure App
  • Snapchat Filters
  • Pokémon Go
  • Filters
  • Interactive Classrooms


Is Augmented Reality the same as VR?

  • Uses virtual settings in real life.
  • Focus is mainly still on the real world.
  • Found in smartphones.
  • Uses computers to mimic human interactions.
  • Mimics creating art, music and sentences.
  • Completely computer based.
  • Doesn't interact with the real world environment, just implements it virtually.
  • Completely virtual environment.
  • Removes the real world from your senses, sealing it out.
  • VR controls the user.


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Is augmented reality growing?

Considering AR has grown hugely within past years with the introduction of ChatGPT and virtual reality technology has been made a completely new gaming console platform with its own individual games, it’s evident that eventually AR will get this same popularity treatment with being a new world tech. So you may wonder, what will happen to AR in the future? In the future, AR could be taken away from entertainment like video games and focused a lot more on our work life and education purposes. It may be integrated naturally into our daily life, to help simplify our lives. Much like what Apple Vision Pro is doing, turning a smartphone into a real life virtual headset.

What we can promise however, is whenever we get an AR update, we will document it here on Stock Must Go so you will never be last to find out.

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