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What Laptop Should I Get?

What Laptop Should I Get?

Technology plays a major role in every part of our life. In our jobs, for our entertainments, for our education. Everything. And sometimes it can become a bit of a struggle to figure out what we need for our everyday life. So, we are here to give a hand. Today I am going to discuss the types of laptops that are available, and which is the best laptop for you. Let’s get right into it.

Student Laptops

Where better to start where most of us began. Our education. Though the little ones won’t need it just yet, a student laptop is the perfect choice for those who are about start college or university. What’s the difference between a student laptop and a normal laptop? The biggest point is certainly the price. Student laptops are given affordable prices for students who need them. (You don’t have to be a student though, we don’t mind).

Because of the low price, you can’t expect super high specifications. Student laptops have powerful enough specifications to carry out casual tasks. Like documentation, researching online and some casual entertainment for when you are taking a break.

We even have a collection of student laptops available now. A lot of these are refurbished too, so you are getting an even better price than before.

Business Laptops

Working from home has only become more and more common. And to this day, a lot of people working with tech will find that they have to work from home more often than not. A business laptop provides all of the essential components when you are both in and out of the office. Capable of running numerous programs, a speedy launch time and various productivity features. All of which at an affordable price.

The best laptops for work from home tend to have around 8GB of RAM and between 256GB-512GB. The standard when it comes to your work.


What is a Chromebook? What is the difference between a laptop and Chromebook? The main difference between the two is the operating system. Chromebooks are all made with a Chrome operating system that utilises cloud storage, built-in Google services and multiple forms of security. Other than that, the difference between a laptop and a Chromebook is almost nothing. You are still getting a great device with some strong specifications on it.

When it comes to what the best Chromebook is, it is ultimately down to what you need it for. If you want something for editing or gaming, you are best looking for a gaming laptop with high end specifications. If you want something for work or casual entertainment, then a Chromebook is perfect.

Gaming Laptops

Now we are going to go to the polar opposite of student and business laptops. Gaming laptops. These laptops are designed with incredibly high specifications and high-grade graphics cards to allow for seamless and smooth gameplay. And as you can expect, they tend to be very expensive. With most gaming laptops being around £1000 in price.

Though they are designed for gaming, you will also find that they do just as good when it comes to graphical design and editing. This is all thanks to the high-end specifications you can find, with a lot of laptops having 16GB of RAM and even higher, along with top storage options and powerful processors.

Convertible Laptops

What is a 2 in 1 Laptop? What does a convertible laptop do? Well, it is very simple. A convertible laptop combines both the power of a laptop and the portability of a tablet. Making it super easy to complete various tasks, whether you are on the go or working in the office or at home. When it comes to 2 in 1 laptops though, don’t expect a super powerful experience. The experience you do get will be quite consistent and stable. You don’t typically see anything over 8GB of RAM with a convertible laptop. Simply because of its hybrid functionality.

Apple MacBooks and Microsoft Surface

We all know Apple and Microsoft, and most of us know already that they offer some very strong laptop options. Apple with their MacBooks and Microsoft with their Surfaces. As these are two well recognised and high-end brands, you can expect these devices to be quite expensive. Especially the top-end types like MacBook Pros and Microsoft Surface Books. But they always tend to be worth the price. These are highly rated devices for a reason. Strong performance, useful features and a lot more that are definitely worth giving a go.

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