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Tips for Working from Home

Tips for Working from Home

As most of Britain heads into tier 4 lockdown and more and more people are working from home, a lot of people may struggle to adapt and get used to their new schedule. As a result, we have compiled a number of different tips that will help you get into your new routine 

Set and stick to a schedule: 

When setting yourself a new schedule, it is very important that you attempt to stick to your original normal daily routine as much as possible. This is so you do not feel like you are working and acting out of the normal. Ensure that you are setting alarms daily and for a good time, so that you have plenty of time to get ready for work and ensure you are well-prepared for the day. This may involve having a shower, making breakfast and more before getting everything you need for work. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for work, getting dressed makes you feel more awake and allows you appear smart especially if you are going to be in a video call. Make sure you make yourself breakfast and lunch so that you stay healthy and prevent yourself from becoming hungry.  

Choose an environment that is productive: 

When working it is extremely important that you are within an environment that limits distractions, so that you will always work efficiently. Make sure you choose an area with plenty of natural light to reduce the strain on your eyes and with plenty of space with a surface to work on. Make sure you have a chair that is comfortable so that you won’t be in any pain while working. Try and limit any distractions such as loud noises, activities and social media, so you won’t get tempted to stop working throughout the day. Also make a list of tasks you need to complete so that you can prioritise what you need to do, and to keep you busy throughout the day. Ensure that the laptop or computer that you are using works effectively and suits you. If not, we have a range of products available for you to look through. Feel free to listen to music throughout the day and when you are not in a call, this will help you to adapt to your new schedule and get back to working as usual.  

Take plenty of breaks  

Working from home involves a lot of working from a computer, which means that you will be looking at a screen for a very long time on a regular basis. Due to this, it is extremely important to have multiple breaks throughout the day. Space your breaks out equally and effectively so that you get plenty of time away from the screen. Also try and time along with your work’s break and lunchtimes so that you do not have to adapt to different timings. After being in front of a screen for hours on end, it is also extremely important that you get exercise to get some air and relieve stress.  

Organise your time effectively 

Ensuring that your time is split reasonably and effectively is vital to your well-being. You need to make sure you have all of your work hours, while also including plenty of time to get some sleep, exercise, time to eat and entertainment. This helps you work effectively during work and greatly relieve stress when off work.  

Communicate with familiar people 

Make sure you stay in contact with your fellow friends, families and colleagues throughout your time of working at home. Keep contact through different video call software, like Skype, so that you are obliging to quarantine rules. It does not matter what you talk about, as long as you can keep in contact with people you get along with.  

Try to avoid burning out on work, you can do this by taking appropriate breaks, preventing yourself from over-working and working at a suitable rate for yourself. 

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