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What to Expect From the Apple iOS 15

What to Expect From the Apple iOS 15

With the next series of iPhones soon to come available, it’s a good thing to know about the next Apple iOS that will release this year for all iPhone models above the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE. Which also means that it will be available for all of the devices that are compatible with iOS 13 and 14. If you want a full list of devices that are compatible just scroll down to the compatible devices section.

The new iOS 15 will bring a massive number of new and update features that make daily tasks, activities and simple communication a lot easier and more enjoyable. A lot of your favourite features, and most of the necessary ones, will be improved to allow far greater performance. So, let’s take a look at what’s getting buffed with the iPhone iOS 15.


With the iPhone 15.0, the notifications are getting a bit of a rework to make it easier to tell what the notification is and who it is from. Now, notifications will display the contact photo of the person messaging you or a larger icon of the app that is notifying you of a change.

Any notifications that are not a priority will be gathered within the new notification summary. The notification summary will be completely personalised to you and your device using on-device intelligence. These notifications will be showed at an appropriate time of day. Any important notifications will be sent instantly to you.

The option to temporarily mute conversation notifications is also being added. You can do this manually or when iOS 15 recommends you to mute it based on inactivity.


IOS 15 notification changes are just the tip of the iceberg, and the new focus feature shows it. Focus once again makes notification managements a lot easier. With focus, you can filter out notifications for different times and purposes. Say if you want to focus on something at work you can turn the “Do Not Disturb” focus on and all notifications (except for some urgent notifications) will be blocked out. There are a number of different options including personal, sleep and work. You can also add different focuses which are good for you.

Focuses will also be recommended to you by the iOS based on your activity. This would include active times, work hours and so on.


Thanks to the Apple iOS 15 and its upgraded intelligence, a number of changes will also make its way to spotlight. You will now be able to search for different photos by searching for different locations and areas, different people, a number of scenes and many objects. But also, thanks to the new Live Text feature that will be introduced you can find any text or handwriting in photos that you are looking for.


With the new iOS 15 update, you can also expect a number of changes around viewing, taking and editing your favourite photos. With the iPhone 15.0 it looks like we will get a few changes and improvements focused around Memories.

The first addition being implemented is integration with Apple Music. You can add different songs and music to your favourite videos and photos to give an even more personal feel to them. And by looking and swiping through different Memory Mixes you can customise your experience even further by adding songs.

Another feature that will be added is the ability to view and edit different memories from a birds-eye view.

But outside of memories it looks like individual recognition will be getting a bit of an upgrade, and the whole process of recognising a person through People Identification is going to be a bit easier and faster. The Feature Less option also gives you the ability to see less in photos, including locations, dates and times, person and more.

Photos with iOS 15 feature a more detailed information pane. It will tell you when the photo was taken, what sort of camera or lens the photo was taken with, the shutter speed, the size of the file and more. But you can also edit some of the information like date or location if you choose.


Maps through iPhone are going to be getting some major changes with iOS 15. And it all starts with more detailed and interactive globe and 3D views. All of your surroundings will be a lot more detailed allowing for a much greater level of navigation. 3D driving experience is also greatly improved thanks to the higher level of detail and addition of more specific places, routes, roads and more.

For people who regularly use the train or other form of public transport, the transit navigation has been improved just to make it a bit easier to identify the location of different stations, the routes of the transport and timings.

Or if you walk a lot the new walking direction's view is a massive help, pointing you in the right direction and down different roads and streets to get to your destination. By simply holding up your iPhone you will be given a simple set of visible directions.

Place cards will also be redesigned just to give a bit more information about a location or a business compared to before.


With Apple iOS 15, Safari will be given a new and updated design to make browsing the internet a lot easier and a bit quicker. First of all, the controls have been moved to the bottom of the screen just to make it a bit easier to reach and control. This new and compact bar makes it easier to switch between tabs and search for results using the Smart Search field. It also now has a voice search option for accessibility improvements.

To refresh a page on Safari you simply just have to pull down the page. And for the first time with Safari, you will be able to customise your own start page and any web extensions.

Safari with IOS 15 features some new privacy protection options, tracking protection and prevention and more upon the additions already stated.


The weather app with iOS 15 is also getting a bump up and new design, to make it easier to tell what whether will be like later on in the day or week. Some new graphical displays will be added to make it easier to look through weather data, a full screen map to look at the data on a larger scale and in more specific locations and some other features like a layout that changes with the weather.


With the new IOS comes the new “Shared with You” section. What this is basically a small section where any content that has been sent to you by a friend or family member will appear in the appropriate app for you to look at. This would include apps like Safari, Apple Music, Apple TV and more along those lines.

Within messaging on your iPhone, photos in a message will now appear as a stack that can be swiped through or a collage that can be looked at. This does depend on how many photos are sent in a single message.


FaceTime is another application that is getting a number of improvements with iOS 15. The first big addition is spatial audio. So, with any video calls you may have on FaceTime, the sound and voices will play like they are coming from where the person is located on screen. And there are also a few new microphone options that are used to eliminate or introduce background noise.

Portrait mode is also coming to FaceTime for video calls. When you are putting yourself in focus with your phone, you can now blur the background behind you or get mute alerts. And to accompany this comes a new grid view that allows for a greater view on more people at once.

Share play is going to be another addition to FaceTime. This will let you share movies, music, shows and more all through FaceTime and with all of your friends and family. Anything that is being played through share play will be in complete sync with all watching and everyone will have access to playback controls.

Only specific apps and services will work with FaceTime, including different Apple services like Apple TV and Apple Music, services like Disney+, Twitch, TikTok and more are working to integrate share play.

And the last addition for FaceTime is the addition of FaceTime links. Now users can create links for video calls that can be shared through messaging services, email providers and a number of different apps. These links can be opened through the FaceTime app of course, but they can also be opened through web browsers. Which also means that Android and Windows users can open the link.

Wallet App:

The Wallet App is being expanded to open up a variety of opportunities as to easily accessing different aspects of your daily life. The first of which will be types of keys, including: home keys, keys to your office, hotel room key cards and more.

Car keys support is also going to be improved for wider usage. You can now use Ultra-Wideband to perform numerous actions like opening or locking your car. And to prevent you locking your car when your phone is inside, or locking the car when your phone is outside but you are inside, precise spatial awareness will prevent any locking problems.

And thanks to the wallet app’s new range of wireless keyless controls, you can open and lock your car, heat your car before getting in, open up the trunk to get something out and much more.


The health app on Apple devices is also now getting a few neat additions to make your experience a bit better. The first addition is the sharing tab. You can share your health data to members of your family, you can share to your friends and any other people who want or need to keep a track on your health.

Health app can also now pick up on any trends with your health which will help you and people around you to see if there are any sudden changes or gradual changes to your health.

Walking Steadiness is being added as a metric in the health app to help you keep track of your falling risk and managing that risk.

Your blood glucose highlights will now also show your blood glucose levels as you were sleeping or when you were engaging in exercise activities.

You will also be able to place your test results into the health app using a QR code that will be given to you by your healthcare provider. This will help to show and manage what tests you’ve had, like your COVID-19 vaccinations.


Notes with iOS 15 offer a new way to sort all of your notes and easily find the notes you are looking for. This is all done through the use of tags. You can add tags into different notes that will help you to identify different notes. Then using the notes browser, you can search for a tag you’ve used in your notes and all of the results will appear. You can also sort notes into different custom folders which allow you to store your notes using their tags.


The addition of tags has also made its way into reminders. You can look for different reminders and filter them out using tags that you’ve used. Smart lists will also allow you to store reminders in one place by using tags.


Siri is getting smarter with iOS 15. Siri with iOS 15 is now going to run with a Neural Engine, which will massively improve Siri’s responsiveness, security and more, while also removing the need for an internet connection in order to learn.

And as you continue to use your phone and Siri, it will get more familiar with your voice and speaking habits and so will improve its understanding as you continue to use it. Siri will also learn as you continue to communicate with people through messages or read through topics so that it can learn to understand and respond at a really high quality.

Siri will also now have the ability to share onscreen media like photos, news, podcasts and more. It will also be able to take screenshots that you can send to others.

One major improvement Siri will get is in terms of context. Siri in the past hasn’t been too great at maintaining context and this is an area that is improved with iOS 15. Now Siri will remember previously asked questions and answers so that you can refer to it and ask more about it in a conversational manner.

Find My:

The Find My app is getting a big upgrade in that it will gain the ability to track different Apple devices that have been turned off or have been deleted from your app. Apple Air Pods Pro and Air Pods Max will also be able to be added to the Find My app.

Child Safety Features:

The Apple iOS 15 will also be getting a number of new child safety features. These features will only be available in the US at launch, but it will make its way to other countries and regions over time.

The first child safety feature is communication safety. With the messaging app on Apple devices, these new child communication safety features will be implemented to inform the child and their adults about any sexually explicit content they have received or sent.

Using device machine learning, the messaging app will automatically determine if the content is suitable or not. Content deemed not appropriate will be instantly blurred and the child will be sent a warning message. If a child tries to view an inappropriate and sensitive image they will be told and alerted that the content is not appropriate and that it may be harmful. And depending on the child’s age, parents will be sent a notification that their child has viewed this content.

The second major child safety feature being added is scanning photos for child sexual abuse material (CSAM). Apple will start to detect known child sexual abuse material this year by scanning images. Any material that is detected will be instantly reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (a non-profit organisation) who work in part with the police.

This new safety feature does take privacy into mind. To detect this material, the system will compare images on your device to a database containing a series of CSAM image hashes that have been provided by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. This database is securely placed onto the user’s device in the form of a large series of unreadable hashes.

If there is a match for CSAM, then the Apple device will make a cryptographic safety voucher that is uploaded to iCloud Photos alongside the image. Then once a specific number of vouchers have been hit, Apple will interpret the contents of the voucher for CSAM matches. The content will then be manually reviewed to make sure the match is correct. Once confirmed the user’s Apple iCloud account will be disabled and a report will be sent to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Guidance for CSAM or child exploitation will also make its way into Siri and spotlight so that parents and children can learn a bit more on what they can do to stay safe online.

Other Changes:

  • Widgets – the widgets you know and love will continue to be present within the iOS 15. Like the Find My widget, sleep widget, contact widgets and more.
  • TV – a new “For All of You” section is being added to Apple TV to recommend movies and TV shows that are based on the whole family’s viewing habits. Shared with you and share play, two features already talked about, will be compatible with Apple TV.
  • Shortcuts – the shortcut editor is becoming a bit smarter, giving you recommendations on what else you should add or do to help complete the shortcut. Shortcuts will also now synchronise across multiple devices.
  • Translate – translation is being made a lot easier. Any text across your whole phone can be translated it by simply selecting it. Translations can then be copied and saved. Auto translate and other translate modes will work almost the same.
  • Camera – panorama shots are being improved with geometric distortion and a better quality when taking pictures of moving objects.
  • News Feed – The news feed is getting a redesign to make it easier to look through and read different articles.
  • Screen Time – You will be able to turn on downtime on demand with iOS 15, this allows you to select what notifications and calls you want to receive while downtime is active.
  • App Store – you can easily discover different in game events and competitions by heading into the App Store and a new App Store widget is being added to display different stories and more.
  • Apple Pay & Apple Card – online transactions with Apple Card are more secure thanks to a security that changes regularly.
  • Privacy – more privacy options are being added. Including improved email privacy to make your IP more private, app privacy to see how often apps are opening different parts of your phone (like location and camera) and more.
  • 5G – a number of different apps and systems are receiving a number of connectivity improvements with 5G.
  • Accessibility – more options for sound and audio control are being added. VoiceOver allows you to explore different media with greater detail. There are more language options with voice control. The magnifier app is no default app.

Compatible Devices:
If you are wondering what devices the iOS 15 will be compatible with, you can find them right here:

  • iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone SE 2020 and original iPhone SE (2016)
  • iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPod Touch (7th Generation)

If you want to learn a bit more about the upcoming iPhone 13, then we recommend you take a look through our guide on the upcoming Apple September event. But as for iOS 15, this is most of what you need to know for now. There is very likely to be some features that are not mentioned here, so keep your eye out.

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