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What We Could See in the September Apple Event

What We Could See in the September Apple Event

Every year Apple reveals a number of brand-new devices for Apple lovers to get their hands on. This year has already seen two events. The first in April saw the reveal of new iMacs, iPad Pros, the Apple AirTags, Apple TV 4K and more.

In June, a second event called the Worldwide Developers Conference took place. This wasn’t any reveal for any new devices, but instead showed off the new IOS 15, iPad IOS 15, WatchOS 8, tvOS 15 and MacOS 12 Monterey. The new operating systems that will be available later this year.

Usually with Apple, we tend to see four events, though the fourth event isn’t always a guarantee it tends to take place at the end of the year. The third event, and the one that is close to happening now, is the big one.

It has been rumoured that any press invites for the September event will go out on September 7. And the event will take place on the 14th of September. But now let’s get into the potential devices we could see.

The iPhone 13:

Every year we get a new iPhone, and this year will for sure be the same. And the Apple iPhone 13 is the most likely option in terms of a smartphone.

It also seems that the iPhone 13 is going to be very similar to the iPhone 12 in terms of design and model types, but with some more updated features. Meaning that when the iPhone 13 releases we can expect an iPhone 13 standard model, an iPhone 13 mini, an iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

But in terms of additions, it looks like we could be seeing the 120Hz ProMotion displays put into all iPhone 13 models. Which is definitely a welcome addition. Such a high refresh rate will give the iPhone 13 an incredibly smooth feel when scrolling through your phone. Around double what we got with the iPhone 12.

Camera improvements and additions are obviously one of the big ones, and I would be very surprised if we didn’t see any. Nothing specific currently but I am sure improvements to quality, ultra-wide lens and more will come.

An A15 chip would also be a great addition, and also an expected one. Improved performance and power efficiency are always excellent things to bring in and something the A15 chip brings in. 5G is also something we can be certain to be included. But we could see a faster version of 5G. Also expect some improvements to battery life.

One of the main changes that has been rumoured is a smaller notch design, which is set to be around 5.35mm in height and 26.80mm in width compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s 5.30mm high and 34.83mm wide notch. As a result, it has also been rumoured that the front camera will be moved to the left of the notch.

The rumoured iPhone 13 pre-orders are set to starting from the 17th of September. And then they will release a week later on the 24th of September.

AirPods 3:

A new version of the Apple AirPods is also in the works for this year, and it only makes sense that it they are announced during the September event.

In terms of design, according to rumours they are going to be very similar in design to the Apple AirPod Pros, but with some of the big features like active noise cancellation taken out. This is obviously to keep the AirPod Pros the best version you can get for the time being. In terms of price, the AirPods 3 are also set to be a bit cheaper than the pros.

The new model of Apple AirPods was rumoured to release during the first half of this year, but it seems we will see them sooner or later.

Apple Watch 7:

We are also set to see a new model of Apple Watch. Apple regularly release new models of the Apple Watch, but the design hasn’t changed that much for the last couple of years. But with the Apple September event, we are set to see a newer design with the Apple Watch 7.

The Apple Watch 7 is likely to feature a design that is similar to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Including smaller bezels compared to previous models and a flatter edge design. Nothing confirmed though yet, so keep your eyes out.

Future Events:

In terms of what to expect in the September event, it isn’t an absolute ton. September always tends to be time at which Apple release a new phone and some accessories. But in October or November, this set to be a fourth event in which we will see a number of extra devices. Including new MacBooks, iPads and iPad Minis and more. We will cover this a bit closer to the potential event and after the September event.

But we won’t have to wait long until we see what we get this year from Apple!

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