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Get 20% Off Your Order With Code "MEGA20"
Back to School Essentials

Back to School Essentials

School holidays are almost over and the time to return back to studying is close. And a lot of people are starting to prepare for returning to school, or working to get everything done now. It can be a bit of a struggle finding everything you or your child may need for school, but in this blog, we are going to cover the essential electronic devices for returning to work.

We will take a quick look at the things you may need for your studies like cheap laptops, high quality mobile phones and some of the options we have available that are perfect for when you go back to school.

And if you are looking to find the right laptop or electronic device for school, our Back to School sale will give you what you’re looking for a for a much better price. Get 10% off some of your favourite brands.


A good, lightweight and cheap laptop is a must have for any students going back to college or university. You need something that can handle of your tasks, have a strong battery life, can be carried around without effort but also won’t cost you a massive amount.

Of course, you are instantly going to be thinking of different laptops, brands and makes like HP laptops, Dell laptops, MacBook Air, Chromebooks and more. And these are really strong options especially if you can get a good price for one.

It all depends on what you are doing and the specifications you need to accomplish your course work. For example, if you are doing editing or Photoshop work at uni or college a gaming laptop would provide the necessary specifications and features to do it. Or if you just need a laptop for simple documentation then a regular HP laptop or a similar brand will serve the job well, or if you want to save a bit more money an Intel Core i3 laptop will provide the performance to do that, but may limit higher demanding tasks.

If you want to save even more money our range of products are absolutely perfect. We have all of the laptops you want available at a great price. Because we refurbish our products or sell at brand new, you will get a high-quality product but at an even lower price.

iPad and Tablets:

A good iPad or tablet is a really good option for when you return to school. Thanks to their compact designs and good battery life they provide a really strong option when it comes to organising your days and study, reminding you of events, taking down different notes and some casual entertainment while you are on a break.

Obviously the number one choice is an iPad. Apple iPads provide everything you may possibly want and need when it comes to your school work. But it is important that you find a good price and generation of iPad for you. And to make it easier for you to look, we have a number of iPads on sale currently from different years.

But of course, if you want to save more money or just not keen on an iPad, another tablet is always available. Android tablets, Microsoft Surface tablets, Samsung Galaxy tablets and other tablets along those lines will do the job well but at a lower price than an iPad.

Mobile Phones:

There isn’t much to say about mobile phones. We use them for almost everything every day. Giving you access to different apps, browsers, messaging software and everything in between. So when it comes to going back to school, it’s just vital that you have one on you.

The number one option, just like tablets, is an Apple iPhone. Though the most recent iPhones like the iPhone 12 may be just a bit out of your budget, there are many more older models that still hold up extremely well to this day.

But not everything has to be Apple or an iPhone. Android phones like Samsung phones, Huawei phones and OnePlus phones also have a range of strong features, applications and more that work just as well as an iPhone, but cheaper.

And if you want to find a good deal on a cheap iPhone or cheap Android phone, we have them available now.


If you are getting a computer for your time at school, you also need a monitor. When it comes to school life you don’t want to blow your whole budget on an expensive monitor. You need a monitor that gives you the quality you need, the right compatibility and any additional features that are useful.

In terms of cheap monitors, you want to keep your eyes out for products from brands like Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, Dell, HP and more. These monitors tend to be very reliable and long lasting, while also being varied in price.

Headphones and Earphones:

Headphones and earphones are more important than you would think when it comes to studying. Background noise can be a massive distraction while you are getting your head down and trying to work.

You can get headphones and earphones wireless or wired, but that’s really up to preference. Apple Air Pods are again a good option if you have an Apple device, but headphones from brands like TCL headphones, Bose headphones and more are also very reliable.

Once again if you are looking just to have a browse for electronics for your school work, or trying to find a great deal, then our Back to School sale page is the place to be. Giving you 10% off on a massive variety of products.

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