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Get 20% Off Your Order With Code "MEGA20"
Our Range of Apple Mac Devices

Our Range of Apple Mac Devices

Here at Stock Must Go, we have an absolutely colossal range of Apple MacBooks and iMacs that are available right now for you to purchase. Whether you are looking for a cheap MacBook for here and there usage, or a high-end MacBook Pro for complex tasks, we have it all available now for a great price.

It is important to know that here at SMG, we refurbish all of the MacBooks and iMacs we have (except those that are brand new). This is just to ensure that whenever you buy an Apple Mac or MacBook from us, you’ll get it at the best quality it can be. It also means you get a better price.

Apple iMacs and MacBooks can be used for a massive number of reasons, with each model being great for different purposes. In this blog, we’re going to be taking a look into a number of models, and what we recommend the device is used for.

Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Airs are usually quite a bit cheaper compared to regular MacBook, pro models and iMacs. Which is why they are perfect for students looking to save a bit of money on a new laptop.

Absolutely brilliant for students to do their work. It is great for students to do all of their work from their home or dorm, and super easy to carry around so that taking it to classes and then working is effortless.

But it isn’t just great for sitting down and doing work, but it is wonderful for taking a break and watching a movie or scrolling through social media. So that you can sit back and relax after finishing a long day of work.

And with our refurbished MacBook Air, you can expect an even better price. You can also be sure that the quality is just as great as a new MacBook Air.

Apple MacBook Pro

The Apple MacBook Pro is the highest tier you can get with a MacBook. Being more high-end, you can fully expect that a MacBook Pro contains some very powerful features and specifications designed for high performance.

Which is why the Apple MacBook Pro, especially new models, are superb at running complex programs and tasks. Making it wonderful at running editing programs, detailed graphics and even more.

You might even be able to get some nice gameplay out of a MacBook Pro. With greater power comes a much greater ease at running higher demanding games and graphics, giving a much smoother gameplay experience.

But when it comes to streaming your favourite shows, performing light tasks, or even just browsing online, you can expect the best possible performance.

With older MacBook Pro models, you will see that they are quite nicely priced. And though they are older, you can still expect a good performance that is brilliant for work. But with newer models, I hope you are willing to splash the cash because they are valued quite highly. Obviously because of their super high-quality features and specifications.


A normal MacBook is always a safe and reliable option. You know they will always work well for whichever task you want to complete or app you want it to run. They are consistently great devices that you can’t go wrong with.

What is a MacBook best for? Well just about anything. An Apple MacBook is always wonderful whenever you are looking to either enjoy yourself or get professional. If you want to stream some Netflix, then you can easily open it up and get a really smooth viewing experience. If you want to sit down and focus on a project, then you can open your documents and apps in no time at all.

The best way to put it is consistency is key. No matter which MacBook you choose, you can be certain that you will get an incredibly consistent device that runs all your tasks, programs or more without any issue.

Apple iMac

The iMac is Apple’s answer to a desktop computer. Offering some really nice designs that have been built up over the years. You’ve got designs with different colours, different thickness and size, more power and so much more.

No matter which model iMac you get, you can be sure that it works very well. It is a great device for personal use, or even as a family computer. As it can be well used for either work, communication, or even just enjoyment on your own. Or let your family enjoy themselves on the iMac.

Perhaps you are looking for a new desktop for work? Well, an iMac is definitely a strong option. Apple devices, especially iMacs, are always well rated and it’s clear why. They are powerful and can do just anything online. And when it comes to doing your work, the iMac doesn’t fail.

iMac Mini

The iMac Mini does all that the iMac does but a lot more compact. And without the designs of course. The iMac Mini is a perfect option for anyone who wants a good computer, but doesn’t want to spend as much on a normal Apple iMac.

But just like the Apple iMac, it will run all of your favourite programs without any issue. Making it a great option for anyone who may be looking for a strong desktop for work or just general usage. Though you will also need a good monitor, keyboard and mouse to get the full package.

If you would like to explore our range of Apple Macs and MacBooks, you can do so by pressing here.

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